Product Catalogue: Hydro turbines


Alstom provides a full range of hydro turbines from a few MW up to 900 MW to meet all customers expectations, with the world’s most efficient machines whatever the head.

Our dedicated Global Technology Centres use powerful calculation tools and state-of-the-art testing facilities to give our customers the optimal technical solution.

Our comprehensive range of products - combined with knowledge and experience gained through decades in the field – makes us uniquely positioned to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Bulb hydro turbines

Alstom has outstanding knowledge and experience in design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and management of complex bulb projects.

Francis hydro turbines

The Francis turbine has the widest range of applications among the various types of turbines available.

Kaplan hydro turbines

Alstom's Kaplan turbines in operation cover low head applications ranging from about 15 to 50 meters, and outputs up to 130 MW.

Pelton hydro turbines

We offer vertical shaft machines that are equipped with multi-jet collectors up to 350 MW, and with runner diameters up to 4m.

Pump hydro turbines

Pump turbines can respond almost instantly to sharp variations in power demand.