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Tomorrow, about 9 billion people will call the planet home, mostly living in cities. Current transport and energy infrastructures, which depend heavily on fossil-based energy sources that generate greenhouse gases and pollutants and represent 75 % of all energy consumption, will need to change to avoid long-term impacts on the environment, health and climate change. All parties involved in economic development are aware of this fact.

Operating at the heart of these issues, Alstom is deploying the means to create the sustainable power generation, transmission and transport technologies of tomorrow, and the cultural context for renewed social and economic responsibility and environmental stewardship.

A combination of solutions made possible through the implementation of innovative technologies offers the best hope to tackle these challenges, as no single solution can take on the burden. With 60% of the infrastructures which will supply the world’s energy and transport needs by 2030 being determined today, it is essential that sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies are developed and implemented into these plans.

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