Alstom in Finland

About Alstom in Finland

Finland mapAlstom is one of the world's leading providers of electricity production and transmission infrastructures, as well as rail transport infrastructure. The Group sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies. It builds the world's fastest trains and the highest capacity automated metros. Alstom also provides integrated turnkey power plants, equipment and various associated services for a range of energy sources including hydroelectricity, nuclear power, gas, coal and wind energy. It offers a vast range of solutions for transmitting electricity; particularly in the area of “smart grids”. Alstom employs around 93,000 people in nearly 100 countries and had sales of €20.3 billion in 2013/14.

In Finland Alstom employs totally around 400 persons. Alstom Power is active in the service and maintenance of power plants and the industry and sells and markets new products and solutions for power generation. Alstom Transport has delivered to Finland 18 Pendolino trains, 30 suburban area commuter trains and four Allegro Pendolino trains for the Helsinki St.Petersbourg high speed link. Alstom Grid engineers and manufactures products and systems for reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering in the Tampere factory and sells and markets new equipment and solutions for power transmission.

Alstom operates in Finland in two legal companies, ALSTOM Finland Oy (Power & Transport businesses) and ALSTOM Grid Oy. We operate in three main locations: in Vantaa, Tampere and Raahe.

President's message

Markus Alholm, President of Alstom FinlandAlstom has a long history in Finland - we have been working together with our customers for over 70 years to create technologies and service solutions for energy and rail industries.

The energy and transport markets are facing new challenges. Combatting climate change by reducing emissions and at the same time maintaining our industries competitiveness in a global market is a common challenge for our societies.

Alstom provides a wide range of solutions and state-of-the-art technologies and services for the power and heat production. Turbine island solutions to the nuclear power industry, emission reducing technologies, conversion of fossil fuel plants to biomass and also waste to energy and wind power are important solutions we offer to our customers.

Future energy production will be more decentralized and the European electricity markets will be more strongly connected. This process combined with an increased amount of decentralized renewable power plants requires investments in the electricity grid. Alstom's new Smart Grid solutions will provide a new platform to more efficient and steady network.

Due to global warming and other environmental challenges also sustainable transportation will increase. Rail transportation fits well to those sustainability requirements. Alstom is a leading supplier of rail technology e.g. locomotives, trains, trams and metro vehicles, infrastructure as well as signalling technology.

To keep customers' assets competitive over its full lifecycle, Alstom offers a comprehensive range of service solutions for power plants, rail equipment and other industries.

We are humbly thankful for the partnership with our customers.

Markus Alholm

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible performance

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) ensures the wellbeing of people and the environment, wherever Alstom operates. Our EHS Management Policy provides clear objectives for responsibility and performance plus the rigorous training needed to ensure a safe working environment. We’ve already reached world-class safety levels, and our aim is to have zero accidents.

Innovating for a better environment

Alstom is also committed to take care of the environment. Alstom is a leader in emission-reducing technology for power plants, but we’re equally committed to environmental protection in our own working environment and the communities in which we operate.
This means developing innovative technologies to reduce emissions and ensuringthat we’re an environmentally responsible company. Our environmental responsibilities are closely tied to our overall Corporate Responsibility, which includes Environment,Health and Safety (EHS), ethics and fair competition practices, community outreach projects, care for employees and sustainable sourcing.

Alstom Foundation

Created in November 2007, the Alstom Foundation is a five-year initiative whichfunds and supports projects to protect the environment. The Foundation is focused on three areas:

  • Providing funding for local projects proposed by Alstom employees
  • Supporting global actions at the Sector and Group levels
  • Providing assistance in case of disaster

The Foundation finances research, education and depollution projects. Its primary goal is to maximize environmental and social benefits by responding to local needs. It focuses mainly on local activities, which are proposed and followed up by Alstom employees worldwide.

Focusing on Sustainable Development

As part of its Corporate Responsibility policy, Alstom is committed to implementing a sustainable sourcing policy in line with internationally recognized principles of human rights, safety and the environment. We seek to embed this principle into our sourcing processes across the business in order to ensure that our entire supply chain actively supports our commitment to all aspects of Sustainable Development. 

Alstom’s sourcing community issued a Charter for Sustainable Development in 2007. This community has been inviting our leading suppliers to ‘sign-up’ to the Charter and conducting surveys to ensure that they live up to the minimum standard that we have established.

Environment, Health, Safety and Quality at Alstom

Alstom is committed to providing a safe working environment for each and every individual. The breadth of our commitment is demonstrated in our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy deployed through our EHS management system, alongside more specific programmes designed to ensure health and safety for our employees across the globe. In addition our goal is to provide life and disability cover for all our employees, currently covering 97% of our workforce. 

EHS Roadmap 

Alstom commits to maintain and develop a pro-active Environment, Health and Safety culture throughout the Group. Each Alstom entity is responsible for implementing programmes and training to achieve best practice for EHS protections. 

Our EHS management involves: 

  • assess regularly operations, management systems and procedures; 
  • establish measurement systems to ensure compliance with this policy and applicable laws and regulations; 
  • communicate with employees, communities, customers and government agencies regarding EHS; 
  • consider EHS impact in any change to existing practice.

Alstom’s Zero Serious Accident Programme

Designed to maintain a tight rein on risk management and ensure the reduction of injury throughout our operations, Alstom launched this campaign to allow the Group to: 

  • better manage risks related to contractors’ employees; 
  • update self-assessment criteria; 
  • deploy a process to better analyse incidents in order to anticipate accidents; promote health and safety culture in the workplaces. 

Thanks to the efforts of Alstom’s EHS culture and Zero Serious Accident programme, by February 2009 Alstom had already reached the original goal of 2.5 for December 2010, and are working towards less than one by December 2015. 

Alstom Commits to the Global Compact

Alstom signed the Global Compact in 2008, designed to encourage companies to commit to a set of key values spanning human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and non-corrupt business practices.

History of Alstom in Finland

The milestones of Alstom's history in Finland

ALSTOM Finland Oy’s history (Power and Transport)

1931 Suomen Puhallintehdas is established in Helsinki
1974 Fläkt
1988 ABB
1999 ABB Alstom Power

ALSTOM Grid Oy's history 

1957 Suomen Kaapelitehdas Oy is established in Helsinki
1967 merger with Nokia
1968 Moving to Tampere
1990 Nokia Kondensaattorit Oy
1994 Part of Schneider Group
2000 Independent domestic company
2008 AREVA T&D acquires Nokian Kondensaattorit