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Workforce: 18,000 employees (being 20% of the workforce)   

Turnover: €4,3bn (being 20% of global turnover) 

Industrial Investment: €130 m (being 25% of global investment) 

Export shares of France turnover: €2,4bn (being 55% of global turnover) 

R&D: €170m (being 25% of global R&D) 

With 18,000 employees, including 10,000 engineers and managers, France is Alstom’s core industrial base. There are 21 main engineering and production sites in France.

At the end of March 2014, Thermal and Renewable Power Sectors employed 5,600 people in France, Grid 2,700 people and Transport 9,000 people. The remainder are split between the headquarters and support functions. The Group and Alstom Hydro headquarters are located in Levallois-Perret, the Transport and Grid Sectors ones respectively in Saint-Ouen and La Défense, all located the Paris area.

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Rail Solutions

Coradia Polyvalent regional trains (Regiolis)
Delivery of 171 Regiolis regional trains from the Coradia Polyvalent range ordered by SNCF

Mulhouse - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 27 Citadis tramsets running since 2006 in Mulhouse

Pays de la Loire | SNCF - Citadis Dualis
Delivery of the first Citadis Dualis Tram-trains for Pays de la Loire

SNCF - TGVs very high-speed trains
The 450 very high speed trains operated every day by SNCF were delivered by Alstom

3U15 - Prima freight locomotives "BB37500"
Delivery of 31 freight PRIMA 3U15 BoBo electric locomotives to the French private operator Veolia

Sillon Alpin Sud - Infrastructure modernisation
RFF has awarded a contract to a consortium for the purpose of modernising the line

SNCF - Prima locomotives for passengers "BB27300"
Provision of SNCF with 67 Passenger PRIMA EL BoBo locos

Eurostar line - Very high-speed trains
Delivery of 31 Eurostar trains connecting London, Paris and Brussels

Montpellier - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 83 Citadis tramways for Montpellier conurbation and TaM

Rhône-Alpes | SNCF - Citadis Dualis
Delivery of 24 Citadis Dualis Tram-trains in Rhône-Alpes

SNCF - Freight locomotives "BB60000"
SNCF signed a contract with Alstom for 175 locomotives

SNCF - Prima freight locomotives "BB75000"
Delivery by a Alstom-Siemens consortium of 200 freight Diesel PRIMA BoBo locos to SNCF

Lyon - Citadis tramways+ Appitrack
Supply of Lyon tramway system with 85 Alstom Citadis tramsets

Strasbourg - Citadis tramways
Supply of Strasbourg Transport Company with 41 Citadis tramsets for its crossborder network

SNCF - TER 2N-NG regional trains
Delivery of 233 Coradia Duplex trainsets to renew the TER double-deck regional trains fleet.

Toulouse - Citadis tramways+ Appitrack
Delivery of 24 Citadis tramsets for Tisséo SMTC to run on a 10,9 kilometers line

Valenciennes - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 21 Citadis tramways for Valenciennes

Ile de France - Metropolis metro trainsets
Since 1995, delivery of more than 250 metro trainsets to RATP

Nice - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 27 Citadis tramsets equipped with batteries to the Nice Côte dAzur urban community

Le Mans - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 23 trams, with the capacity to transport up to 50 000 passengers a day

Europorte - Freight locomotives modernisation
Partnership agreement with Europorte covering the maintenance of 17 Prima locomotives

Rouen - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 27 Citadis tramsets in Rouen

Brest - Citadis tramways
Supply of Brest Métropole with 20 tramsets

Dijon - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 33 Citadis tramsets for the urban community of Dijon

Tours - Citadis tramways, APS
Delivery of 21 Citadis tramsets and APS ground-level power supply system

SNCF - Prima freight locomotives "BB27000&BB37000"
Provision of SNCF with 240 freight PRIMA EL BoBo locos

Thalys line - Very high-speed trains
Delivery of 27 Thalys very high speed trains connecting Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne

Reims - Turnkey tramway systems, APS and Appitrack
One of the first public-private partnerships for a tram system in France

Grenoble - Citadis tramways
Since 1986, the SMTC transport authority rely on Alstom's expertise for its tramsets

Le Havre - Citadis tramways
Delivery of 22 Citadis tramsetsfor the city of Le Havre in July 2010

Ile de France- Citadis tramways
Delivery of 60 Citadis tramsets for the lines 2 and 3 of the tramway system in Paris

Orleans - Turnkey tramway system, APS, Appitrack
Delivery of a full turnkey tramway system

RATP | SNCF - Suburban trains modernisation
Interior refitting of 119 suburban trains MI79 of RER B for RATP and SNCF

Aubagne - Citadis Compact tramways
Delivery of 8 Citadis Compact tramsets for the Pays dAubagne et de lEtoile metropolitan region.

Bordeaux - Citadis tramways, APS
The first wireless metro in the world. Alstom built the APS tracks and supplied 74 trams to Bordeaux

Angers - Citadis tramways, APS
Delivery of 18 Citadis tramsets and its APS street-level power supply technology to Angers

Ile de France|STIF-RATP - MI09 suburban trains
The Alstom-Bombardier consortium delivers 130 MI09 double-deck trainsets for ParisRER line A

VHS East European Line - Substations | signalling
Signalling studies supply much of the equipment and testing services for the East European VHS line

Lyon - Metro trainsets, signalling, infrastructure
Development of Lyon Metro system for 30 years

Lille - Trains modernisations and signalling
Renewal of Lille Métropole Line 1 automatic metro

Power Generation

Chooz 1-2 nuclear power plant
Showcasing the world largest steam turbine in operation.

Revin hydro power plant
Refurbishment of 4 x 180 MW pump-turbines, replacement of runners and other key equipment.

Landes de Couesme wind farm
We've installed 11 ECO 110 wind turbines providing a total output of 33 MW in 2012.

Flamanville 3 nuclear power plant
First European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) in France and in Europe.

Civaux 1-2 nuclear power plant
Showcasing the world largest steam turbine in operation.

Electrical Grid

Supply of DS Agile, fully integrated Substation Digital Control System including MiCOM protection relays

  • 2012: e-terraplatform to manage renewable energy sources of RTE
  • 2011: SVC solution to improve network stability in western France (for RTE)
  • 2009: 220 kV AIS substation for Georges Besse 2 aluminium enrichment factory (for Areva)
  • 2008: France-England Interconnection System "IFA 2000" (for RTE)


Alstom France cares about its environment.

Being well aware of the challenges ahead, Alstom follows international guidelines to reduce its footprint and thrives to impact positively on its environment. This engagement is proven real through concrete actions.

  • All sites committing to work on 30% of renewable energies by 2014-15.
  • 100% of sites under 200 employees being certified ISO 14001 in 2013
  • Reducing the consumption of water by 2% per year since 2012.
  • Leading by examples with Alstom Grid’s new centre in Montpellier, reducing by 25% the carbon footprint and encouraging the use of electric cars with power stations supplied by solar panels.
  • The future Alstom site in Villeurbane, being the first bulding in France to benefit from both HQE(1)  and BREEAM(2) certification
  • Reducing energy costs thanks to ‘Energy Saving Days’.
  • Acting through the Alstom Foundation

Alstom France believes in equal chances

Our employees are a great source of pride and industrial richness thanks to their expertise. Alstom has for objective to protect and encourage them to thrive within the company regardless of their backgrounds.    

  • In 2012, Alstom signed a contract with the Ministry of Labour to recruit employees from sensitive areas. For example, 38 people were hired in La Courneuve’s site together with 12 apprentices and 11 interns. 
  • Alstom Transport signed several agreements officialising its commitment to the employment of disabled people, diversity and equality of chances, as well as providing the right balance between work and private life.

Alstom France fosters Research

In order to develop competitive products for our French customers as well as the international market, R&D is essential to stay ahead of the game.

  • With €170m of investments, being 25% of the global spending, France is the main base for R&D.
  • Almost 10% of the French workforce is operating in the R&D sector.
  • Alstom partners with 11 out of 71 poles of  ‘competitiveness clusters’ in France which are :

-        SYSTEM@TIC (Automotive & transport Cluster)

-        I-TRANS 

-        Aerospace Valley (Transport systems Cluster)

-        Microtechniques (Microtechniques Cluster)

-        TENERRDIS (Renewable energies Cluster)

-        Up-Tex  (Textile Cluster)

-        Pôle Nucléaire Bourgogne (Nuclear Industry Cluster – Burgundy

-        Pôle Mer Bretagne (Maritime Cluster - Brittany)

-        EMC2 (Advanced manufacturing technologies Cluster)

-        Lyon Urban Truck and Bus (Transport and Mobility Systems)

-        Véhicule du futur (Solutions for future vehicles & mobility) 

Alstom France contributes to the national economic dynamism

Thanks to its engagement, Alstom participates to the strategic planning of the industrial sector developing win-win relationships between the firm and its suppliers.  

  • 1 job at Alstom France creates or maintains 3 positions for its providers, representing 55,000 indirect jobs nationally.
  • Alstom Transport is leading the French railway industry, thanks to its 9000 employees, but also to the 30 000 suppliers and 5000 PME/PMI working with the company.
  • In 2013, Alstom Transport was given by the ‘French Mister of Productive Recovery’ the quality label of ‘sustainable supplier relationships’ thanks to its supports towards SMEs and the French industrial sector.

Thanks to this involvement, the company’s export turnover reaches €2.4 billion, representing 55% of the total France turnover, hence promoting the how-how of its French teams abroad.   

(1) High Environmental Quality, a French standard
(2) BRE Environmental Assessment Method, a British standard

Our History

Nearly 100 years’ contribution to the energy and transport markets.






In 1928, General Electric‘s French sister company CFTH (Compagnie Française Thomson-Houston) and Belfort-based SACM (Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques) combine a portion of their electrical engineering and rail businesses to form a jointly owned subsidiary, Als·Thom. This acquisition enabled the company to prosper. In 1976 Alsthom merges with Chantiers de l’Atlantique and takes the name Alsthom Atlantique.

The company’s development is well on track In 1988, CGE and British conglomerate GEC announce the merger of Alsthom with GEC Power Systems. The new group, in which the two firms share equal ownership, is named GEC Alsthom with 79,000 employees. The company pursue its growth.

Finally, in 1998, Alcatel and GEC list Alstom on the stock exchange and the name will remain until today.  

These milestones empowered the company to become the worldwide industrial leader that we know today and to be a key player in the transport and energy sectors.

Experience the highlights of Alstom's History and find out more about our partnerships and record-breaking performances throughout the last century.