Alstom in South Africa 

Alstom in South Africa

A century of development

Alstom has been present in South Africa for more than a century. Throughout these years, Alstom has provided technology for a wide range of products and technologies playing a major part in developing the country’s infrastructure.

As a long standing partner of Eskom, Alstom has supplied major components to 12 of South Africa’s 13 coal fired power plants, and to the only nuclear power plant, which accounts for 80% of the installed capacity.

Alstom also played a historical role in providing train technology to the country, and plans to be part of the revitalisation of the rail and transport sector

Key data about Alstom in South Africa

  • Over 100 years of presence in South Africa
  • About 600 permanent employees
  • Alstom provided major equipment to 12 out of 13 coal fired power plants, and the only nuclear power plant
  • 80% of South Africa's electricity is generated from Alstom turbines
  • More than 800 South African artisans and professionals (including engineers) are being trained by Alstom
  • Alstom is a historical technology provider for passenger trains and locomotives in South Africa

President's Message

Welcome to Alstom in South Africa

Jerome BoyetAlstom has a long and sustainable history in South Africa. From its original set-up in Cape Town at the beginning of the twentieth century to its current headquarters for the Southern African region in Johannesburg, Alstom roots itself with a history of technological excellence and commitment to local economic and social progress.

Today, Alstom in South Africa is an active and valuable participant in South Africa’s endeavors in creating employment, chiefly through its role in the construction of new power generation facilities, as well as the enlargement of the local energy supply capacity. 

Localization is a business imperative and a key driver of our global strategy. In support of local industrial growth, we procure approximately 50% of the equipment required for our current power projects from South African suppliers. Additionally, we strive to develop long-term relationships with local companies, supporting them with training in our design, standards and specifications.

For Alstom, investment in skills development is an investment in South Africa’s future. By 2015, Alstom will have trained over 800 South Africans artisans, engineers and managers in most of the energy related disciplines. Alstom is present in over 75 countries throughout the world, with a long-term view of local development and we will continue leveraging our global expertise in the advancement of economic growth and job creation as well as the enrichment of our local supply chain - enabling us to deliver projects safely and efficiently.

We are proud to be a part of South Africa’s sustainable and independent energy future as well as the development of new rail transportation.

Jerome Boyet, Alstom Country President for South Africa – July 2014

Key people


Last key dates:

2007: Turnkey systems for the 4,800 MW Medupi coal-fired power station, located in the North-Eastern province of Limpopo (in progress):

  • Turbine Island & Air-cooled Condenser 6 x 800MW
  • Control and Instrumentation System

2008: Turnkey systems for the 4,800 MW Kusile coal-fired power station located in Mpumalanga province, east of Johannesburg (in progress)

  • Turbine Island & Air-cooled Condenser 6 x 800 MW
  • Control and Instrumentation System
  • Wet Flue Gas Desulphurisation System

2008: Refurbishment and upgrade of 4 generators at the Gariep Hydropower Station located on the Orange River in the Free State province (completed)

2009: Arnot Retrofit 6 x 400 MW (completed)

2009: Steam turbine retrofit of Koeberg nuclear power station: 2 x 965 MW (completed)

2012: Reconstruction of Duvha unit 4 – 1 x 600 MW (completed)

2012: Retrofit of low pressure turbines at Kriel Power Station - 6 x 500 MW (increasing the power plant output) (in progress)

2013: Komati return to service 5 X 100MW + 4 x 125MW (completed)

2013: Contract awarded to the Alstom lead joint-venture Gibela – by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) to supply 600 passenger trains (3 600 coaches), over 10 years. It also includes the construction of a local manufacturing facility, technical support and spares supply over an 18-year period.

2014: Supply of modular spares for Eskom fleet (exchangeable modules for turbines/generators) (In progress)

Alstom South Africa is building capacity in the country – not only are we successfully executing large projects, but through our various commitments, we are giving back to communities and meeting the Governments requirements to do business in the country.

Our corporate CSR portfolio focuses on education.

  • Alstom has established a partnership with the WITS University in Johannesburg to promote excellence in engineering. Each year, Alstom funds bursaries for students in mechanical, electrical and urban engineering.
  • Alstom has also invested in the construction of the engineering faculty building and established an Alstom Chair in Clean Energy Systems Technology.
  • R8 million was invested in the South African Nuclear Energy Council Training Centre.

Through various projects, Alstom is training more than 650 artisans and 176 professionals including engineers.

In line with its corporate CSI focus, Alstom continue to invest in additional local projects such as the Kusile Schools project, the Kusile Training School Project and Bursaries for engineering students.

  • Alstom in South Africa: support for local schools

Alstom became involved in various school projects in the Kusile area: we committed to and completed renovations at two local schools, which included the construction of 4 new classrooms and palisade fencing at Mmagobane and the building of a kitchen and catering area at Sibukusetu Primary School. Watch the video

  • Alstom in South Africa : training school project

Alstom is funding training programmes that contribute to building capacity in the workforce – a vital requirement to sustain and support the expansion of the power generation industry. Watch the video

  • Alstom in South Africa : bursaries for students

In South Africa, Alstom supports young under-resourced students and provides bursaries. Watch the video


Alstom Power

As a long-standing partner of Eskom, Alstom has supplied major components to 12 of the 13 coal fired power plants in South Africa, and supplied the turbine and generator for the only nuclear power plant in Africa – Koeberg (2 x 965 MW). 

Alstom has major contracts in the construction of two of the world’s largest air cooled power stations: Medupi and Kusile.

Alstom is also involved in the upgrading of existing power stations namely Arnot, Duvha, Komati, Kriel, and Koeberg. 

Alstom Grid

Alstom Grid is active in the transformer and switchgear business in tensions ranging from 220-750kV. The engineering, manufacturing and installation of most of Alstom Grid transmission portfolio for Southern Africa are manufactured in South Africa by ACTOM. 

Alstom Transport

  • Alstom Transport is a historical technology supplier to the South African railways.
  • In 2013 a contract was awarded to the Alstom lead joint-venture - Gibela –– by the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) to supply 600 EMU trains (3 600 coaches). 
  • Alstom Transport will localise its manufacturing capacity to support the EMU contract with PRASA and to revitalize the South African railway capacity