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Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom builds the fastest train and the highest capacity automated metro in the world, provides turnkey integrated power plant solutions and associated services for a wide variety of energy sources, including hydro, nuclear, gas, coal and wind, and it offers a wide range of solutions for power transmission, with a focus on smart grids.

Alstom in Spain

In Spain, thanks to almost 4,000 employees, Alstom designs, manufactures and exports solutions, technologies and innovative products to respond to society´s challenges. With a presence in Spain since 1989, Alstom is active in all the Group´s business sectors – renewable and thermal power, power transmission and railway transport. From our industrial sites in Spain, Alstom supplies both national and international projects and in the financial year 2012/2013, achieved sales exceeding 785 million euros.

We have 5 industrial sites dedicated to the manufacturing of wind turbines, hydroelectric turbines and generators, power transmission equipment and rolling stock (metros, tramways and trains). Moreover, Spain houses the Groups R&D reference centre for wind power and a further 7 technology centres for the rest of our products and services.  

Alstom in Spin sites

President's message 

Antonio Moreno, Country President Alstom Spain

Antonio Moreno, Country President Alstom Spain

Alstom Spain has always had a long-term vision, an industrial vocation that has helped us become an industrial leader in our country, but with an international scope. Alstom has always been committed to Spain and has been a main player in the country’s development and modernisation process.

Our brand is behind the first hydroelectric power plants built in Spain in the early 20th century, in the first high-speed train which we used to travel from Madrid to Seville, and in the latest technology for effective and efficient power transmission - the so-called Smart Grids. There are nearly 4,000 people working at Alstom Spain to offer cutting-edge products, solutions and services in two of the sectors with the largest influence on society’s sustainable development: public transport, and the generation and transmission of power. 

Our efforts towards flexibility, profitability and competitiveness are producing results. International sales now account for more than 60% of Alstom Spain’s turnover, compared to 30% last year. In our 6 Alstom industrial centres in Spain, exports reach practically 100%. We also work in consortiums or as suppliers together with other Spanish companies to secure international contracts. We promote internationalisation and are present in more than 100 countries.

It is clear that we need to continue pursuing foreign markets, but also to revitalise domestic demand, in order to maintain a correct balance and increase the workload at our production centres. We cannot consolidate our economy just by exporting – we also need to grow and believe in our own market. 

It is true that project financing is a challenge, but that should not hold us back. We have the duty and ability, as a company, to look for innovative and creative solutions, as well as different public-private partnership solutions. Alstom Spain is ready to take part in new business models and continue to promote the domestic market. We are also pioneers in management.  

Thanks to our R&D work and national talent, all of Alstom’s production centres in Spain include unique and exclusive technology, which serves as an example for the Group worldwide. In fact, Spain houses a wind power R&D centre that is a worldwide reference point, as well as 7 technology development centres for the group´s different activities. 

In a time when the word “crisis” appears to limit us, at Alstom Spain we are looking for solutions. The crisis is just a turning point that leads to a new era, or in our case, to a new economic cycle. We must, therefore, work with the future in mind, overcome the present and trust in our abilities. Technology, solutions, innovation, investment and commitment are values that we have upheld for more than a century. Now, a new concept is here to stay: the acceptance of change as an opportunity.

Main Executives in Spain

Main Corporate Executives in Spain

Antonio Moreno
President Alstom Spain 

Yves Rannou 
SVP Wind Business

Alejandro Barjau
Chief Executive Alstom Grid & Solutions and Service Unit Director 

Juan María Iñiguez
Corporate Finance Director

José Antonio Rodríguez Pérez
Corporate HR Director

Ángeles Morales
Country Legal Counsel

Andrés López Morancho
Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations Director

Main Executives Alstom Power in Spain

Yves Rannou
SVP Wind Business 

Paloma Sevilla
Global Power Sales Director

Conxi López
Head of HR/ HR Director Wind EMEA & Hydro IBERICA

Juan María Iñiguez

Country Finance Director

 Peter Steiner
Thermal Services - Managing Director EMSWEA

Ignacio F. de Aguirre
Hydro - Head of Hydro Business

Félix Urrea
Wind - VP Operations EMEA

Jaime Amaya Escobar
PAC - Head of Power Automation & Controls Business

Main Executives Alstom Grid in Spain

Alejandro Barjau
Chief Executive & Solutions, Products and Service Unit Managing Director

Carmen Álvarez
Sales Director  

Juan Antonio Millan 
Head of Human Resources

Rocio Pérez
Head of Finance

David Van der Steen
Substations Automation Solutions Unit Managing Director  

Main Executives of Alstom Transport Spain

Antonio Moreno
Chief Executive 

Juan María Iñiguez
Finance Director 

José Antonio Rodríguez Pérez
HR Director 

Ángeles Morales
Legal Counsel 

Leopoldo Maestu 
Sales and Marketing Director, Customer Director Renfe & Managing Director Train Life Services

Anton io Valiente
Customer Director ADIF 

José Ruiz Olmo
Customer Director Northern Spain

Joan Forcada
Managing Director for Industrial Site Barcelona (Rolling Stock and Components)

Ignacio Rodriguez Rodriguez
Managing Director Information Systems 

Carlos Ortega
Managing Director Transport Global Solutions


Hydro Power Plants

Doiras hydro power plant (Asturias)
2 generators x 24 MVA; refurbishment 2 FV turbines x 20.1 MW (application of water guide bearings)

Contreras hydro power plant (Burgos)
1 generator x 15 MVA; refurbishment 1 FV turbine x 15 MW (application of water guide bearings)

Wind Farms

Serra Voltorera (Tarragona)
10 units of ECO 74 (74 meter rotor and 1.67 MW output per unit) – 16.7 MW

El Castre (Palencia)
16 units of ECO 80 (80 meter rotor and 1.67 MW output per unit) – 26.7 MW

Veciana (Barcelona)
18 units of ECO 80 – 30.1 MW

Cruz de Carretero (Palencia)
25 units of Eco 80 – 41.7 MW

Fuente Salada (Burgos)
29 units of Eco 80 – 48.4 MW

La Rabia (Cadiz)
13 units of Eco 80 – 22 MW

Sierra Lácera (Murcia)
23 units of Eco 80 – 38.4 MW

Loma Viso (Albacete)
1 unit of ECO 110 (one of the world’s most powerful onshore wind turbine: 110 meter rotor and 3 MW output per unit) – 3 MW

La Muela II (Valencia) pumped storage plant
4 motor-generators x 216 MW / 240 MVA - 840 m long and 5.45m diameter penstock 

Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant (CCPP)

Castejón I & III (Navarra)
800 MW: 2 x 400 - Each plant uses 1 gas turbine model GT26. 

Cartagena (Murcia)
1200 MW: 3 x 400 - Plant uses 3 gas turbines model GT26. 

Sant Adrià del Besòs (Barcelona)
800 MW: 2 x 400 - Plant uses 2 gas turbines model GT26 

San Roque (Cádiz)
800 MW: 2 x 400 MW - Plant uses 2 gas turbines model GT26 

Son Reus (Mallorca)
775 MW: 3 x 225 - Plant uses 3 gas turbines model GT8C 

Soto de Ribera IV (Asturias)
400 MW: 2 x 400 - Plant uses 2 gas turbine model GT26 

400 MW: 1 x 400 - Plant uses 1 gas turbine model GT26 


Mobile Substations

  • 3 mobile substations of 220 kV for Red Eléctrica de España. 
  • 2 mobile substations of 132-66 / 25-20-15 kV for Endesa.

Turnkey Electric Substations

  • System for the data processing centre for BBVA bank including a 5 year maintenance contract .
  • System for the data processing centre for Santander Bank. 



National References

  • Barcelona tramway, Trambaix & Trambesòs – Customer ATM 
  • Madrid tramways (Parla, MLO, ML) – Customer Ayuntamiento de Parla, Mintra, Metro de Madrid 
  • Tenerife tramway – Customer Metropolitano de Tenerife 
  • Jaen tramway – Customer Junta de Andalucia 


  • Barcelona Series 9000 – Customer TMB
  • Madrid Metro - Customer Metro de Madrid

Alstom´s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility in Spain

Real Academia de Historia

In 2001, in view of a joint project to promote the diffusion of cultural and historical facts in Spain, Alstom and The Royal Academy of History (Real Academia de la Historia) signed an agreement committing themselves to publish a joint book concerning historical issues every 2-3 years. 

2002 saw the publishing of the first of these books, a re-edition of Antonio Domínguez Ortiz´s “Spain, Three millenniums of history” (“España, Tres milenios de Historia”). The official presentation of the books was organised by the RAH, with the presence of the authors, authorities and was very popular.

In 2006, Alstom and the RAH collaborated together in order to bring together details of Spanish history from the 13th century. The result was a magnificent, academic book written by “Menéndez Pidal” and published jointly by Alstom and The Royal Academy of History, called “13th century Spain seen in pictures” (“La España del siglo XIII leída en imágenes”).  

During 2007 and 2008, The Royal Academy of History and Alstom organised a series of fifteen conferences which highlighted the history and the bilateral relations between Spain and France, from Roman times until the modern day. The programme developed especially for this series enabled a profound study of the existing roots between the two countries along with their relations, which go beyond a common history. As a consequence, the bilingual book “France and Spain: a common history” ("España-Francia: una historia común") was born, which brings together the content of all fifteen conferences.

Fundació MTM Macosa

Following the integration of MTM-Macosa into Alstom, an initiative was started to found a museum in memory of the important role played by these industrial companies over 138 years in the Barcelona area, with it preserving the memory, identity and cultural heritage of these historical firms. 

In order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the existence of both “Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima” (MTM) and “Material y Construcciones S.A.” (MACOSA), Alstom and the “Fundació Museu Historicosocial de la Maquinista Terrestre I Marítima, S.A. i de Macosa” organised a series of conferences, seminars, commemorative activities as well as further studies. Between September 2005 and October 2007, a total of thirteen activities were carried out, including technical, historical and political conferences, an open day at Alstom, a visit from HM King Juan Carlos of Spain to Alstom and research investigations.

Fundación I+E

Seven multinational companies in Spain, including Alstom, have been the drivers of establishing the Fundación I+E. These companies are leaders in their respective sectors, who stand out for their activities and efforts in R&E projects, bringing with them important innovation achievements, continuous investments and the set-up of R&D centres. Their main objective is to enhance the role multinational companies play in terms of the increase and execution of R&D projects in Spain.

Santa Perpetua de Mogoda

An environmental programme was launched in 2008 to support the maintenance of green areas around the Transport manufacturing site Santa Perpetua de Mogoda (Barcelona). Thanks to donations from Alstom, these parks and green zones are regularly used by neighbouring citizens.

University tramway design contest, Portugal

Contest launched in 2009 in which students from design schools and universities were invited to present ideas for the design of the Portuguese high speed train project. The winners were given scholarships to work in Alstom´s facilities in Barcelona and Paris 

History of Alstom in Spain

A longstanding history innovating and contributing to economic and industrial development in Spain

Alstom has been present in Spain since 1989 and now provides power generation, transmission and transport solutions across the country. The company mploys around 4,000 people in 14 out of 17 autonomous regions in Spain, amongst others in Andalusia, the Basque Country, Castile and León, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid and Navarre.

Today´s breadth of product offering and impressive presence is the culmination of confidence in project completion and commitment to our Spanish partners.

This rich heritage of trust and cooperation is demonstrated in the timeline of Alstom Spain´s landmarks below:


  • Merger with General Electric Company (GEC) to form GEC-ALSTHOM.
  • “La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima, S.A.” (MTM - 1855) and “Aplicaciones Técnicas Industriales, S.A.” (ATEINSA - 1973) are acquired by the Group GEC ALSTHOM.
  • “Material y Construcciones, S.A. (MACOSA - 1857) signs a contract with the Group GEC ALSTHOM and the company “Mediterránea de Industrias del Ferrocarril S.A. (MEINFESA) is founded, obtaining the railway activities from MACOSA.


  • GEC ALSTHOM NERPYC Española S.A. is formed after various name changes since 1942. 
  • GEC ALSTHOM takes over Motores Man and changes its name to GEC ALSTHOM Electromecánica S.A.


  • GEC ALSTHOM S.A. is born  and becomes the holding company for GEC ALSTHOM in Spain.


  • GEC ALSTHOM S.A. purchases shares from GEC ALSTHOM T&D S.A. (previously known as Sprecher Energie).


  • GEC ALSTHOM changes the group name to Alstom.  GEC ALSTHOM S.A. changes its name to Alstom España IB S.A.
  • Railway activities are renamed as ALSTOM Transporte S.A..
  • GEC ALSTHOM NERPYC Española S.A. changes to ALSTOM Hydro S.A.
  • GEC ALSTHOM Electromecánica S.A. changes its name to ALSTOM Energía S.A.
  • Alstom Transport acquires at global level Sasib Railway (previously Abengoa), at global level. The signalling business unit is established in Spain.


  • Alstom acquires the Group ABB.
  • ABB ALSTOM Power España S.A. (former ABB Generación) absorbs ALSTOM Hydro S.A. and ALSTOM Energía S.A. - this sector is renamed ALSTOM Power S.A.


  • Alstom España IB. S.A. changes its name to Alstom España IB S.L,
  • Alstom España IB S.L. becomes the holding of all the Group’s companies in Spain.


  • Alstom sells the T&D business to Group AREVA, being called AREVA T&D.


ALSTOM Hydro España, S.L. is founded, and are assigned the hydro activities of ALSTOM Power S.A. 


  • Alstom acquires the Spanish company Ecotècnia Energías Renovables S.L., creating the new sector Wind.


  • Ecotècnia Energías Renovables S.L. changes its name to ALSTOM Wind, S.L.
  • Alstom acquires the transmissions business from Areva and creates a third sector: Alstom Grid.


  • Merger of the companies ALSTOM Hydro, S.L.and ALSTOM Wind, S.L. into one sole company called ALSTOM Renovables España, S.L.