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Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure and sets the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom builds the fastest train and the highest capacity automated metro in the world, provides turnkey integrated power plant solutions and associated services for a wide variety of energy sources, including hydro, nuclear, gas, coal and wind, and it offers a wide range of solutions for power transmission, with a focus on smart grids.

Alstom in Spain

Alstom in Spin sitesIn Spain, thanks to 3.500 employees, Alstom designs, manufactures and exports solutions, technologies and innovative products to respond to society´s challenges. Alstom is active in all the Group´s business sectors – renewable and thermal power, power transmission and railway transport. From our industrial sites in Spain, Alstom supplies both national and international projects. 

We have 4 industrial sites dedicated to the manufacturing of wind turbines, hydroelectric turbines and generators, power transmission equipment and rolling stock (metros, tramways and trains). Moreover, Spain houses the Groups R&D reference centre for wind power and a further 8 technology centres for the rest of our products and services.  



President's message 

Antonio Moreno, Country President Alstom Spain


Alstom Spain has always had a long-term vision, an industrial vocation that has helped us become an industrial leader in our country, but with an international scope. Alstom has always been committed to Spain and has been a main player in the country’s development and modernisation process.

Our brand is behind the first hydroelectric power plants built in Spain in the early 20th century, in the first high-speed train which we used to travel from Madrid to Seville, and in the latest technology for effective and efficient power transmission - the so-called Smart Grids. There are  3,500 people working at Alstom Spain to offer cutting-edge products, solutions and services in two of the sectors with the largest influence on society’s sustainable development: public transport, and the generation and transmission of power. 

Our efforts towards flexibility, profitability and competitiveness are producing results. International sales now account for more than 60% of Alstom Spain’s turnover, compared to 30% in the previous years. In our 4 Alstom industrial centres in Spain, exports reach practically 100%. We also work in consortiums or as suppliers together with other Spanish companies to secure international contracts. We promote internationalisation and are present in more than 100 countries.

It is clear that we need to continue pursuing foreign markets, but also to revitalise domestic demand, in order to maintain a correct balance and increase the workload at our production centres. We cannot consolidate our economy just by exporting – we also need to grow and believe in our own market. 

Thanks to our R&D work and national talent, all of Alstom’s production centres in Spain include unique and exclusive technology, which serves as an example for the Group worldwide. In fact, Spain houses a wind power R&D centre that is a worldwide reference point, as well as 8 technology development centres for the group´s different activities. 

In a time when the word “crisis” appears to limit us, at Alstom Spain we are looking for solutions. The crisis is just a turning point that leads to a new era, or in our case, to a new economic cycle. We must, therefore, work with the future in mind, overcome the present and trust in our abilities. Technology, solutions, innovation, investment and commitment are values that we have upheld for more than a century. Now, a new concept is here to stay: the acceptance of change as an opportunity.

Main Executives in Spain

Main Corporate Executives in Spain

Antonio Moreno
President Alstom Spain 

Yves Rannou 
SVP Wind Business

Alejandro Barjau
Chief Executive Alstom Grid & Solutions and Service Unit Director 

Juan María Iñiguez
Corporate Finance Director

José Antonio Rodríguez Pérez
Corporate HR Director

Ángeles Morales
Country Legal Counsel

Andrés López Morancho
Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations Director

Main Executives Alstom Power in Spain

Yves Rannou
SVP Wind Business 

Paloma Sevilla
Global Power Sales Director

Conxi López
Head of HR/ HR Director Wind EMEA & Hydro IBERICA

Juan María Iñiguez

Country Finance Director

 Peter Steiner
Thermal Services - Managing Director EMSWEA

Ignacio F. de Aguirre
Hydro - Head of Hydro Business

Félix Urrea
Wind - VP Operations EMEA

Jaime Amaya Escobar
PAC - Head of Power Automation & Controls Business

Main Executives Alstom Grid in Spain

Alejandro Barjau
Chief Executive & Solutions, Products and Service Unit Managing Director

Carmen Álvarez
Sales Director  

Juan Antonio Millan 
Head of Human Resources

Rocio Pérez
Head of Finance

David Van der Steen
Substations Automation Solutions Unit Managing Director  

Main Executives of Alstom Transport Spain

Antonio Moreno
Chief Executive 

Juan María Iñiguez
Finance Director 

José Antonio Rodríguez Pérez
HR Director 

Ángeles Morales
Legal Counsel 

Leopoldo Maestu 
Sales and Marketing Director, Customer Director Renfe & Managing Director Train Life Services

Anton io Valiente
Customer Director ADIF 

José Ruiz Olmo
Customer Director Northern Spain

Joan Forcada
Managing Director for Industrial Site Barcelona (Rolling Stock and Components)

Ignacio Rodriguez Rodriguez
Managing Director Information Systems 

Carlos Ortega
Managing Director Transport Global Solutions


Pioneers in the Spanish railway sector

With nearly 2,000 employees in Spain dedicated to the rail sector, Alstom Transport has been a major player in the modernization of the Spanish railway industry. Over 20 years ago, Alstom delivered the first high speed trains in Spain. These trains, the first to circulate at 300km/h, were built at Alstom factories in Spain.

Since then Alstom has pioneered the introduction in Spain of modern trams in our cities, driverless underground trains, high speed regional trains, railway concessions, etc. All Alstom trains in our country have also been also manufactured in the Alstom factory in Santa Perpetua (Barcelona).

In addition to train manufacturing and assembly, Alstom Spain offers all services and products needed for rail transport from its national facilities.


  • Rolling stock manufacture: in the Santa Perpetua factory all kind of trains are designed and manufactured, from trams, underground, suburban, long distance and high speed trains. 42% of trams in this country and 50% of commuter trains were manufactured at this plant.
  • Electrification: Alstom Spain designs and installs electrification systems, both eletrical substations and overhead wires. Around 25% of the high speed network's substations have been installed by Alstom Spain.
  • Signalling: Signalling activities are located at various technology centers in Madrid, Leon, Malaga and Barcelona, where control systems for underground (CBTC), trams and ERTMS are developed. In addition, the Group has a laboratory and center of excellence for the worldwide development of tram signalling systems, located in Madrid
  • Maintenance: Alstom Spain pioneered the creation of a specialized business division for servicing both the rolling stock and signalling and electrification systems.


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One in four bulbs that light up in Spain are powered by electricity generated thanks to the Alstom equipment and technology

Alstom has a market share of 25% (25GW) of installed capacity in Spain. Alstom equipment and technologies are present in combined cycle plants, wind farms and hydroelectric power stations.

  • Hydroelectric power station installed capacity (generators): 14.8GW (81% market share)
  • Wind farm installed capacity: 1.7GW (8% market share)
  • Gas fired plant installed capacity: 5GW (20% market share)
  • Coal fired plant installed capacity: 3.2GW (25% market share)

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Building the electrical networks of today and tomorrow

Alstom Grid offers a wide range of innovative solutions to manage electricity infrastructure in a sustainable, efficient and safe way, anywhere in the world.

Alstom Grid Spain is among the top three leading electricity transmission companies. It works with the major energy utilities, as well as the Spanish Electricity Network REE (Red Eléctrica de España), the agency responsible for managing the transmission and distribution of electricity. It currently has an 18% market share for power transmission facilities in Spain.

Alstom Grid Spain also has an industrial and engineering centre in Madrid, dedicated to high voltage projects. In this facility, an international center of excellence for the design and manufacturing of mobile substations is also located.

Meanwhile, the Technology Training Centre offers courses approved by the Ministry of Industry and the Department of Industry of the Madrid Autonomous Community.

Alstom Grid in Spain - References



People and their environment are at the center of our focus. 

To meet growing demand and prevent further global climate change, we seek innovative, sustainable answers. We ensure that every one of our solutions is conceived through a lifecycle design approach: every step of a product’s life - from materials, manufacturing processes and daily operating uses to upkeep and recycling - is taken into account and adapted to sustainability requirements wherever possible.

Each of our three sectors of activity - Power, Grid, and Transport - offers clean, smart and efficient products and solutions based on sustainable technologies, representing Alstom’s main contribution to environmental protection.

Alstom’s challenge and conviction is to provide energy and transport infrastructures which combine economic development, social progress and respect for the environment to shape our common future. 


Alstom Spain, with 49 requests in 2013, is one of the top three patent applicant companies from Spain according to the 2013 ranking published by the European Patent Office (EPO). Together with the aerospace company, EADS, it’s the principal multinational company in Spain for R&D investment, leading the energy and railway sectors in our country through innovation and patents.

I+E Foundation:

Eight Spanish multinational companies, including Alstom, are responsible for the creation of the I+E Foundation. These companies are leaders in their respective industries and stand out for their activities and efforts in R&D, gaining significant achievements in innovation, continuous investment and R&D installations. Its main objective is to strengthen the role of multinational corporations in the growth of R&D and project execution in Spain. 


Alstom Spain, the UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and UPC (Polytechnic University of Barcelona) engineering schools have maintained collaboration agreements for many years through various academic chairs for the promotion and research in rail technology and renewable energy.

These chairs are held in the School of Industrial Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) - Alstom Chair for Smart Grids, Infrastructure and Railway Signalling- and at the School of Industrial Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC) - Alstom Chair for Innovation in Rail Technology and Clean Energy 

The main aim of both chairs is the creation of a technological platform for conducting training, research and knowledge transfer in order to increase and strengthen the necessary collaboration between universities and industry.

With these academic chairs, Alstom also contributes to specialist training in matters related to the energy sector, from a professional and complementary point of view of the education received at the universities. The scholarship program developed by Alstom in both technical schools becomes, in turn, a doorway to the job market.

Besides these two research chairs, Alstom Spain, has agreements with the countries major universities, (UPC, UPM, Carlos III, Deusto, Jaen, Seville, etc...) and has several scholarship programs aimed at final year students, who have been able to put their knowledge into practice at Alstom facilities throughout Spain.

CSR policy : central to Alstom’s strategy



A longstanding history innovating and contributing to economic and industrial development in Spain

Since last century Alstom’s Spain operations have been helping to build Spanish’s energy and rail transportation infrastructures. Today´s breadth of product offering and impressive presence is the culmination of confidence in project completion and commitment to our Spanish partners.

This rich heritage of trust and cooperation is demonstrated in the timeline of Alstom Spain´s main milestones below:

  • 1958: First hydroelectric PSP (pump and storage) technology installed by Alstom in the Valdecañas plant.
  • 1974: Inauguration of the energy transmission facilities in San Fernando de Henares, nowadays integrated into Alstom Grid and which is the head office of Alstom Spain´s energy transmission activities.
  • 1986: Alstom enters the energy transmission market, with the incorporation of a specific unit which offers products and services (vía the company Sprecher Energie)
  • 1989: GEC Alsthom formed from merger of power and transport activities of Compagnie Générale d’Electricité and GEC 
  • 1989: Beginning of industrial activities of Alstom Spain following the acquisition of the centurion companies MTM, ATEINSA and MEINFESA, which had taken on the railway activities from MACOSA.
  • 1992: The 1st high speed train at 300km/h, manufactured by Alstom, enters into service in Spain on the Madrid-Seville line.
  • 1994: Inauguration of the industrial plant for rolling stock and railway equipment in Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, close to Barcelona.
  • 1998: Alstom Transport acquires at global level Sasib Railway (previously Abengoa). The signalling business unit is established in Spain.
  • 1998: Creation of Alstom with its current image and logo, and consequently Alstom Spain.
  • 2000: Alstom acquires the Group ABB.
  • 2000:  The consortium led by Alstom is awarded a contract for the 1st tramway turnkey project in Spain in Barcelona (Trambaix).
  • 2000:  Alstom´s manufacturing site in San Fernando de Henares supplies the first mobile substation
  • 2004: First contract in Spain for automatic metros for Line 9 of Metro Barcelona.
  • 2006:  Alstom celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of centurion railway companies, La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima, S.A. (MTM) and Material y Construcciones, S.A (Macosa), the origins of Alstom Spain´s industrial presence.  
  • 2006: The combined cycle plant in Cartagena (3x425MW) is built and commissioned in the record time of 24 months and 12 days, 9 weeks ahead of schedule
  • 2007: Alstom acquires the Spanish company Ecotècnia Energías Renovables S.L., creating the new sector for wind power.
  • 2008; Commissioning in record time of the new Gas Insulated Substation (GIS) 220kV substation for Maragall in Barcelona following its destruction during a fire in June 2007.
  • 2009: Installation of the 1st commercial wind farm with ECO 100 in Le Vieux Moulin, France.
  • 2010: Alstom acquires the transmissions business from Areva and creates a new business unit for electricity transmission. Alstom Grid is born which integrates all types of products and services (electrical grids, smart grids, automation solutions, substations, etc).
  • 2012 Inauguration in Saint Nazaire, France of the first wind turbine Haliade 150, the largest offshore turbine in the world with a blade diameter of 150m, developed by Alstom Wind´s R&D centre in Barcelona.
  • 2013: La Muela II (Valencia), the largest pumped storage plant in all of Continental Europe, generating 1.800 MW in installed capacity. The four generators have been developed at Alstom’s industrial site of Galindo (Vizcaya)
  • 2014: first Spanish high-speed train capable of crossing the border with France.
  • 2014:  New security and signalling laboratories for Alstom transport in Madrid 

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