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About us

Alstom in Sweden has about 1 000 employees, working for Alstom's three global sectors, Transport, Grid, and Power. Most of us work from one of our four major offices in Stockholm, Norrköping, Västerås or Växjö, but we also have numerous local offices and service depots to ensure quick and easily accessible maintenance and services to our customers all over the country.

President's message

Shaping the Future
- with sustainable development for people and the environment 

Since a century, Alstom is a world leader in energy and transport with development, manufacturing and delivery in power generation, power transmission and railway infrastructure. Our presence has long been strong in Sweden where we have developed, built and delivered solutions for all types of energy – from hydropower, biomass based CHP and nuclear turbines to trains that traffic several of the largest train traffic routes.

Today we are proud that around 75 percent of the Swedish electricity production comes from plants with main components that we have delivered, and that almost 300 Alstom trains operate the Swedish rail network. 

But much more important than what we've achieved so far, is what we will to achieve in the future. The challenges we face in terms of energy, transport and environment mean we have a key role in building a sustainable development for future generations. It's about finding new, more effective solutions through long-term thinking, new smarter technology and a close cooperation with our customers and the outside world. 

Therefore, our business is not just about power and cabling and trains, but above all about people. Everything we do ultimately aims to meet human needs for energy and communications in everyday life, at home, at work.

Nils Lannefors
Country President 


Strong and reliable knowledge in all types of energy

Alstom's power generation has through its long tradition and its broad expertise in energy and environmental technology unique opportunities to further develop the Nordic infrastructure for electricity and heat generation and industrial processes in a sustainable manner. The company's strength is particularly suitable for the Scandinavian countries, which are far advanced and have high aspirations in terms of, for example, environmental and renewable energy. At Alstom Power global and local strengths unite several key areas, from hydro and wind power to waste and nuclear turbine plants. Seeing problems as challenge is a worn expression, but in terms of the global environment and climate threats it is a necessary stance. And it is the fuel of our daily work.

Modernization and maintenance of nuclear power
Nuclear power in Sweden accounts for almost half of Sweden's electricity production. The facilities are currently undergoing a modernization program since ten years. It is an important activity for Alstom in Sweden which has supplied several modernization projects to the Nordic nuclear power plants, that results in safer operation and higher efficiency, which has helped reduced fossil carbon emissions. Alstom Power has also signed several long-term service agreements with Nordic nuclear turbine plants to maintain steam turbine plants with generators and help system. The service contracts are creating a more effective planning and ensuring operation and quality. The work is led by Alstom Power's employees in Norrköping and Västerås.

Ringhals 3 and 4
Refurbushing of steam turbines

Oskarshamn 3
Refurbushing of steam turbines

AQCS - world class research center
Alstom Power has been working for cleaner air and environment for over 80 years, and in 1983 the company founded its research and development center in Växjö, which includes one of the world's premier laboratories for AQCS (air quality control systems ). The facility with laboratories, test centers and own mechanical workshops form a complete infrastructure where prominent engineers and technicians are focused on to develop, test and build the best possible solutions for cleaner industry, energy, air and water. The research center also helps clients with analysis and pilot projects to test different environmental purification techniques.

AQCS solutions for waste to energy

Tekniska verken
AQCS solutions for waste to energy

Renewable - modernization of the Swedish hydropower plants
Nearly half of the Swedish electricity production is from clean hydropower. After the substantial expansion in the 60 -and 70s hydro power plants are now being modernized which will provide better access, more flexible operation and better efficiency. As the original manufacturer of the main components to many of the Swedish hydropower plants Alstom Power have the technology and expertise to deliver solutions that safeguard a long-term, environmentally friendly and competitive operation. Together with customers, Alstom have developed a technology that eliminates risk of release of turbine bearing oil in rivers and lakes.

Modernization of turbine and generator


On track to link people, cities and countries

Since Alstom Transport opened its first office in Sweden in 2003 and after the first order, Arlandabanan, the journey has progressed rapidly and we have become one of the largest actors on the Swedish rail market, with nearly 300 delivered trains and other major assignments including maintenance. From being a "newcomer” with ten employees we are now nearly 360 employees at Alstom Transport Sweden - a proof of Alstom's ambitions to be involved in developing rail services both for travelers and operators in Sweden and Scandinavia.

Train from north to south 
Since September 2013 passengers in southern Sweden will travel comfortably in modern trains from Alstom Transport. Skånetrafik has totally bought 99 regional trains of type Coradia Nordic, of which 69 have already been delivered.

Coradia Nordic has become one of the most common trains in Sweden with a total of 252 Coradia trains sold to public transport operators from north to south. Besides the trains to Skånetrafik Alstom has delivered the last four of Västtrafik’s 22 trains, and in 2016 the Stockholm commuter traffic will be reinforced with 46 new trains from Alstom.

Maintenance of Stockholm commuter traffic
Since 2011 Alstom Transport is engaged in Sweden's largest train operation, by total responsibility for the maintenance of commuter trains in Stockholm including 135 trains. This means that we have a key role to ensure that over 280,000 people can get to work, school and leisure activities each day. Alstom has recently been awarded a 9 year maintenance contract with SJ for Västtrafik´s commuter and regional trains, with start in December 2015, and a 10 year maintenance contract with Arriva for Östgötatrafiken´s commuter trains, with start in June 2015. With the new contracts Alstom is now responsible for the maintenance of totally 219 trains in Sweden.

Delivery of  7 Arlanda Express trains

129 X60 Coradia Nordic

Maintenance of Stockholms 135 commuter trains (since June 2011) in the depots in Bro, Södertälje and Älvsjö.

42 X40 Coradia Duplex

12 X62 Coradia Nordic

22 X61 Coradia Nordic

Maintenance of 63 electrical multiple units from Västtrafik, where of 22 Coradia Nordic (from December 2015)

Östgötatrafiken and Jönköpings länstrafik
15 X61 Coradia Nordic

Maintenance of 19 electrical multiple units from Östgötatrafiken, where of 13 Coradia Nordic (from June 2015) 

99 X61 Coradia Nordic

Maintenance of three TiB X61 for Tåg i Bergslagen

Material management for 49 X61 from Skånetrafiken

Material management for 42 X40 for SJ 


Specialists in smart power transmission

Since 2010, Alstom Grid is a part of Alstom's business, and supplies a range of products and systems for grid operators, power companies and also to energy intensive industries. With some major projects in the Nordic countries and a close cooperation with Alstom Grid's expertise in Europe and in the U.S., the company offers customers in Sweden access to a strong network of resources that when needed can be extended with Alstom Grid's global expertise and technology. 

Smart grid – the foundation of future sustainable cities
Alstom Grid has expertise in turnkey projects for power transmission, power electronics, control and monitoring systems and software in the control centers. Alstom’s knowledge and technology covers both the operation and equipment of the overall system operators as well as regional and local networks. 

Barkeryd: substation

Barkeryd and Hurva: converter stations

Part of the solution of future challenges

Greenhouse effect, energy demand, dwindling oil reserves, increasing congestion in growing cities. The biggest challenges the world is facing is about how we are to meet the growing needs of energy and transport , while reducing our environmental footprint by using renewable energy sources , recycling and smarter technology. It is also about building communities that provide mobility and dynamics through better traffic solutions and availability. These challenges are exactly what we do every day, everywhere in hundreds of countries.

At the front edge of technology 
Working with things that are inherently good for the environment - energy efficiency and public transport – is apparently not enough.  Also the products, how they are manufactured, their life cycle and recycling, must constantly improve from an environmental perspective. Therefore, we are constantly working on research, testing new things and improving existing products and solutions in our advanced research and development centers worldwide. Not the least in Sweden where we in Växjö has a world class research laboratory in environmental engineering for flue gas cleaning.

Health & safety

Alstom is committed to provide a safe work environment for employees and sub-contractors. The breadth of our commitment is demonstrated in our Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy deployed through our EHS management system, alongside more specific programmes designed to ensure health and safety for our employees across the globe.

Alstom commits to maintaining and developing a proactive Environment, Health and Safety culture throughout the Group. Each Alstom entity is responsible for implementing programmes and training to achieve best practice for EHS protection.

To Alstom suppliers / contractors performing on-site work

These rules applies to all work performed for Alstom Thermal Services.

On-site (site) work means working at a workplace where Alstom performs service/maintenance/installation work on a customer’s plant.

Training requirements for on-site work: 

A. All personnel working on site 

  1. e-learning (90 min.) High Risk Activities(HRA) no requirement for repetition.e-learning for increased awareness regarding High Risk Activities. As part of Alstom’s objective Zero serious accidents, all individuals who work for Alstom on sites and in workshops, must from November 1, 2013, and onwards have performed Alstom’s e-training High Risk Activities (HRA) prior start of work at site.
  2. Alstom’s annual safety training (2 h), Alstom provide this training. Yearly repetition. Contact Alstom employer for information and planning.
  3. On every site the Contractor’s personnel shall take part in the site-specific induction. 

B. Personnel that shall perform or supervise high risk activities

Following High Risk Activities requires advanced training prior start of work: (Repetition every five (5) year if nothing else is specified)

High Risk Activity

  • Work with fire hazard
  • Work with radiation hazard
  • Work requiring isolation/lock-out tag-out, e.g. electrical work, work in confined spaces, machine safety
  • Working at height
  • Lifting operations and lifting equipment
  • Electrical work
  • Truck, fork lift drivers
  • Working with hydraulic equipment

To perform e-learning High Risk Activities (HRA)  and for additional information regarding training demands and courses, go to Blommenhofutbildning.

Since October 1, 2012, Blommenhof Utbildning AB is our training provider. They can support you in finding the right trainings.

For login details please contact your Alstom contract partner.    

One hundred years of energy and momentum

Sweden has a long and proud history in innovative industries. Alstom have been part of that history for over a hundred years, through our origins in strong companies such as Svenska Turbinfabriks AB Ljungstrom (Stal), Svenska Fläkt and Asea . We have been involved in several of the most extensive and complex projects for energy and since the late 1990s, as well as in transport infrastructure in Sweden.

We have developed, designed and delivered long-term solutions for most types of power plants from hydro to nuclear power, we have built grid and delivered trains to several of the most important rail traffic routes. Today Sweden face great need for infrastructure investment in terms of energy generation and transmission as well as rail transport systems. Therefore, it is natural for Alstom to continue its operations in Sweden and Scandinavia. Especially since there is political will, knowledge, and opportunities to develop and deliver sustainable solutions.

Stal, Svenska Turbinfabriks AB Ljungstrom, is founded by the two brothers Birger and Fredrik Ljungstrom. The factory in Finspång manufactures mainly steam turbines, from the 1940-'s also gas turbines. Asea becomes majority owner in 1916.

Svenska Fläkt is founded and achieves great success in environmental protection equipment for industrial plants and power plants.

Alstom in Sweden (formerly Asea Stal) delivers 18 nuclear turbines to the Swedish and Finnish nuclear power plants.

Alstom is chosen as the supplier for the construction of Arlandabanan and the Arlanda Express trains.

Alstom and ABB become ABB Alstom Power and a year later becomes Alstom Power when Alstom acquires ABB's part of ABB Alstom Power.

Alstom Transport delivers 43 regional trains, the so called double decker, of type Coradia.

SL orders 55 new commuter trains. The choice is Alstom Transport and Coradia Nordic.

Alstom wins order on complete rebuild of steam turbine plants Ringhals 3 and 4.

Alstom Power gets the world's largest individual modernization project for a nuclear steam turbine plant for the Oskarshamn# 3 nuclear power plant.

Alstom Power is contracted for a complete gas treatment facility for a new power plant in Händelö, Norrköping.

Alstom wins an order of desulphurization equipment to Malmberget’s pellet plant.

Alstom Transport takes over the maintenance of 135 commuter trains in Stockholm.

Alstom has sold 247 trains to Norrtåg, Västtrafik, ÖstgötaTrafiken, Jönköpings länstrafik, SL and Skånetrafiken.

Alstom wins a contract to supply turnkey flue gas treatment systems to Tekniska verken’s new CHP plant for waste, biomass and recycled wood in Gärstad, Linköping.

Alstom wins order for modernization of the turbine and generator at Järpströmmen’s hydroelectric plants.

Alstom’s 100 years anniversary.