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Optimet, passenger solutions

Alstom launches a high-end, innovative turnkey system, covering rolling stock, stations, operations, automatic & telecommunication systems, passenger services. Thanks to Optimet solutions developed by Metrolab, the city has a more sophisticated transport offer attuned to its rhythms and with the best travel conditions for passengers.

Innovative passenger experience

The network knows how busy each station is at any given moment and monitors fluctuations to satisfy passenger demand as effectively as possible.

Better on-board comfort for passengers

Optimet real-time train occupancy influences the distribution of passengers on the platform and in the station as a whole, and provides a way of controlling exchange times while at the same time enhancing passenger comfort. While the train is standing at the station, sensors count the number of people getting on and off, and the degree of occupancy for each area of the train is recalculated. Once the doors close, this data is processed, interpreted and sent to the next station to be displayed.

Dwell-time optimisation

Optimet dwell-time optimiser offers a video analysis system that continuously monitors passenger flows. The data is then stored for subsequent timetable optimisation or sent to the ATS for use in real-time operation. The operator benefits from an accurate overview of the volume of passengers on the platform, exchanges times and situations of overcrowding.

Optimisation of passenger flows

Optimet passenger demand-based regulation regulates the length of time train doors remain open and modifies the run times between stations according to the volume of passengers detected on the platform. This solution is a way of managing peak demand situations more effectively, thus minimising the risk of delay and excessive waiting times.

Seamless experience for all uses

Optimet e-verywhere provides smooth, seamless high-speed internet access on board trains and in stations. It allows cities to meet the high expectations of citizens who want instant fluid connection anywhere anytime. It is also possible today to offer new mobility choices by delivering geopositioning data on all the latest goings-on in the city (cultural events, shows, rallies…) thanks to Optimet OrbanMap.

Downloads for Optimet solutions

Optimet OrbanMap

Optimet real-time train occupancy