Substation automation systems

Alstom Grid provides digital control systems for AC and DCDS Agile png electrical utilities substations and industrial installations. 

DS Agile*, Alstom Grid’s latest Digital Control System (DCS), includes customer-inspired evolutions and combines state-of-the-art hardware, software and communication technologies to provide the most advanced and secured protection, control and automation solutions in digital substations.  

DS Agile provides new features such as wide-area inter-substation automation, integrated condition monitoring for online substation situation awareness, IEC 61850  parallel redundant protocol (PRP) architecture and full integration with control room network management and smart grid applications.

These interoperable and IEC 61850 compliant solutions allow achieving high level availability and reliability of the substation equipment. It also permits full integration with the control room network monitoring and Smart Grid applications such as stability, wide area protection plans, and online condition monitoring.

DAP multi-function substation server solutions: managing, securing  and delivering substation information for utility operation, maintenance and asset management applications. DAPserver solutions enable electricity utilities and industrial customers to leverage information to improve their operations, network efficiency and reliability. It is the perfect solution for customers planning to modernise their substations with both Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)-based and IEC 61850 standard-based architectures.

*) As of June 2012, Alstom Grid’s Substation digital control system (DCS) became "DS Agile". Alstom Grid will continue to guarantee, maintain and extend all existing PACiS versions up to v.4.6