Protection relays

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The digital substation
IEC 61850 Standard
Process Bus Interface (IEC 61850-9-2LE)
Parallel Redundancy Protocol (IEC 62439-3)
Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers (IEC 61850-9-2) 
T1000 • Digital substation Ethernet switch

Overcurrent protection 
P60 Agile P16x • Feeder one-box protection and control with colour touchscreen
P50 Agile P15D • Self or dual-powered overcurrent relay
MiCOM P40 Agile P14N • Non-directional feeder management IED
MiCOM P40 Agile P14D • Directional feeder management IEDs
MiCOM Alstom P14x • Feeder management relay

Voltage and frequency 
MiCOM P40 Agile P94V • Voltage and frequency IED

Motor protection
MiCOM Alstom P24x • Motor management relay
Generator protection
MiCOM Alstom P342, P343, P344, P345,P346, P391 • Generator protection relay

Dynamic Line Rating and interconnection protection relay 
MiCOM Alstom P341 • Dynamic Line Rating and Distributed Generator interconnection protection relay
MiCOM P40 Agile P14DG • Distributed Generator interconnection protection relay

Distance protection
MiCOM Alstom P44T
 • Numerical rail catenary distance protection
MiCOM Alstom P441, P442 and P444 • Distance protection relay
MiCOMho Alstom P443, P445 and P446 • Distance protection relay

Line differential and phase comparison
MiCOM Alstom P541 and P542 • Line differential relay
MiCOM Alstom P543,P544,P545 and P546 • Line differential relay with optional subcycle distance
MiCOM Alstom P547 • Phase comparison relay
MiCOM Alstom P594 • GPS synchronizing unit
MiCOM Alstom P59x • Interface unit
MBCI • Line differential relay
MHOR04 • Line differential relay

Transformer protection and control
MiCOM Alstom P642, P643 and P645 • Transformer protection relay
KVGC • Voltage regulating control relay

Busbar differential
MiCOM Alstom P747 • Numerical busbar protection
MiCOM Alstom P74x • Busbar differential relay
MiCOM Alstom P746 • Busbar differential relay

Network stability
MiCOM Alstom P846  • Open line protection relay

High impedance restricted earth fault and Busbar protection
MCAG  • High impedance differential relay
MFAC  • High impedance differential relay
MVTP • Buswire supervision relay

Autoreclose and check synchronism
MiCOM Alstom P841 • Auto-reclose and check synchronising relay
MiCOM Alstom P842 • Auto-reclose relay
KAVR Series • Auto-reclose and check synchronising relay
KAVS • Check synchronising relay
KVTR • Auto-reclose relay

Auxiliaries, trip relays, timers
MVAA • Auxiliary relays
MVAJ 05x/10x/20x • Tripping and control relays
MVAJ 11 to 34 • Tripping and control relays
MVAX 11 • Tripping and interposing supervision relay
MVAX 12, 21, 31, 91 • Tripping circuit supervision relays
MVTT • Time delay relay
PRiMA • Auxiliary relay

MiCOM Alstom P891 • Trip/close module
MMLZ • Auxiliary modules

Communications equipment
KITZ 101/ KITZ 102/ KITZ 103 • Courier interface units
KITZ 201/202/204
• Courier interface units and protocol convertors
KITZ 274 • Courier interface units and protocol convertors

Test equipment
MiCOM Alstom P990 series • Test block and test plugs
MMLB MMLG  • Test block and test plugs

Application Guides
MiCOM Alstom Protection Application Guides