Agile Protection Relays

Alstom’s Agile range protects critical power system assets, right from industrial systems, through distribution, rail, generation and up to the highest transmission voltages.  Short-circuits, overloads and other faults are cleared in tripping times as fast as sub-cycle. 

From the simplest self-powered P50 Agile relay, through the colour touch-screen P60 Agile, up to the compact and modular MiCOM P40 Agile ranges, security and dependability of operation is paramount.  Agile devices are multifunction and fully numerical, including cybersecure substation communications interoperable with international standards such as IEC 61850 edition 2.  Applications include feeder, motor, generator, distance, differential, transformer, line, busbar, voltage and frequency intelligent solutions.

With this full portfolio of protection relays, we have the devices, schemes and expertise to protect your power network.

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PC Software Tools
MiCOM S1 Agile  • Engineering Tool
New Product Selector • MiCOM Alstom Product Selector

Network Protection & Automation Guide
New 2011 Alstom Edition  • Download edition

The digital substation
IEC 61850 Standard
Process Bus Interface (IEC 61850-9-2LE)
Parallel Redundancy Protocol (IEC 62439-3)
Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers (IEC 61850-9-2) 
T1000 • Digital substation Ethernet switch

Overcurrent protection 
P60 Agile P16x • Feeder one-box protection and control with colour touchscreen
P50 Agile P15D • Self or dual-powered overcurrent relay
MiCOM P40 Agile P14N • Non-directional feeder management IED
MiCOM P40 Agile P14D • Directional feeder management IEDs
MiCOM Alstom P14x • Feeder management relay

Voltage and frequency 
MiCOM P40 Agile P94V • Voltage and frequency IED

Motor protection
MiCOM Alstom P24x • Motor management relay
Generator protection
MiCOM Alstom P342, P343, P344, P345, P346, P348, P391 • Generator protection relay

Dynamic Line Rating and interconnection protection relay 
MiCOM Alstom P341 • Dynamic Line Rating and Distributed Generator interconnection protection relay
MiCOM P40 Agile P14DG • Distributed Generator interconnection protection relay

Distance protection
MiCOM Alstom P44T
 • Numerical rail catenary distance protection
MiCOM Alstom P441, P442 and P444 • Distance protection relay
MiCOMho Alstom P443, P445 and P446 • Distance protection relay

Line differential and phase comparison
MiCOM Alstom P541 and P542 • Line differential relay
MiCOM Alstom P543,P544,P545 and P546 • Line differential relay with optional subcycle distance
MiCOM Alstom P547 • Phase comparison relay
MiCOM Alstom P594 • GPS synchronizing unit
MiCOM Alstom P59x • Interface unit
MBCI • Line differential relay
MHOR04 • Line differential relay

Transformer protection and control
MiCOM Alstom P642, P643 and P645 • Transformer protection relay
KVGC • Voltage regulating control relay

Busbar differential
MiCOM Alstom P747 • Numerical busbar protection
MiCOM Alstom P74x • Busbar differential relay
MiCOM Alstom P746 • Busbar differential relay

Network stability
MiCOM Alstom P846  • Open line protection relay

High impedance restricted earth fault and Busbar protection
MCAG  • High impedance differential relay
MFAC  • High impedance differential relay
MVTP • Buswire supervision relay

Autoreclose and check synchronism
MiCOM Alstom P841 • Auto-reclose and check synchronising relay
MiCOM Alstom P842 • Auto-reclose relay
KAVR Series • Auto-reclose and check synchronising relay
KAVS • Check synchronising relay
KVTR • Auto-reclose relay

Auxiliaries, trip relays, timers
MVAA • Auxiliary relays
MVAJ 05x/10x/20x • Tripping and control relays
MVAJ 11 to 34 • Tripping and control relays
MVAX 11 • Tripping and interposing supervision relay
MVAX 12, 21, 31, 91 • Tripping circuit supervision relays
MVTT • Time delay relay
PRiMA • Auxiliary relay
MVUA • Time Delayed Auxiliary relays
MVAW • Interposing relays

MiCOM Alstom P891 • Trip/close module
MMLZ • Auxiliary modules

Communications equipment
KITZ 101/ KITZ 102/ KITZ 103 • Courier interface units
KITZ 201/202/204
• Courier interface units and protocol convertors
KITZ 274 • Courier interface units and protocol convertors

Test equipment
MiCOM Alstom P990 series • Test block and test plugs
MMLB MMLG  • Test block and test plugs

Application Guides
MiCOM Alstom Protection Application Guides 

A history of protection
Stafford Relay Museum Guide  • Take a virtual tour of our heritage collection