The Smart Grid’s brain

Information and communication technology:

This hardware and software will help power suppliers anticipate demand fluctuations so they can generate the amount of electricity needed from all energy sources: nuclear, petrol, gas, coal and water dams, as well as wind, solar and tidal farms.


Our EMS is managing the grids in 10 out of 14 of the largest Power Grid Operators in the world today.We offer the most reliable and flexible EMS solution for grid security and situation awareness, renewable generation, and energy efficiency.

Wide Area Management Systems

Alstom Grid's Proven Solutions are used by power system operators and planners worldwide for improving power system security, securely increasing power transfer levels and tracking power system performance, including dynamics, model validation, tuning of power system stabilisers and more.


Our Generation Management Solution enables the most reliable solution, ready to answer your unique requirements for generation fleet management, CO2-free generation, and energy efficiency in a smarter grid environment.


Our Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS) combines multiple applications into a single,integrated application environment giving you increased visibility of the system and provides you with more actionable information.

Demand Response

Alstom Grid, the industry leader of energy management and electricity markets systems is the only player in the industry who offers a fully integrated Demand Response Management System (DRMS). The award-winning e-terraDRBiznet is part of the new generation e-terra3.0 suite of applications.

Electricity markets

Our leading Market Management System solution is modular and flexible architecture allows you to quickly adapt and comply to regulatory changes and can manage any type of market rules and business process in a secure environment.

Oil & Gas

Our range of pipeline control software gives you a highly reliable platform and a suite of applications based on decades of experience. Our solutions can monitor and control crude oil, natural gas,multiphase fluid, and refined products.


As a full-scope provider of operational telecom solutions and dedicated products for electric utilities, we offer a utility-grade vision of mission-criticality and real-time performance with expertise in the migration of telecom networks.

Consulting and Integration Services

The consulting team is comprised of utility industry veteran engineers and system experts across OMS, DA & DMS Systems, Asset Management, AMI/MDM, Demand Response, Markets (ISO/RTO), Control Center/ EMS/ SCADA, and Big Data Analytics/Business Intelligence.