As distribution operators, you are faced with the most dramatic changes in the industry. You have to integrate smart meters, demand response, distributed energy resources, electric vehicles, and other smart grid technologies while maintaining the reliability and security of the grid. You are also faced with the collection and interpretation of enormous amounts of data coming from various devices and being presented by a multitude of systems.

Our Smart Distribution suite of applications gives you the tools to make critical decisions with accurate information in a timely manner. e-terradistribution Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS) combines your multiple applications into a single, integrated application environment. This gives you an increased visibility of the system and provides you with more actionable information.

Modeling Secure IT Integration Operations Reliability and Awareness
modeling tool based on CIM standards
Advanced Service FrameworkSOA
IDMS integrated interface e-terradistributionnetwork optimizerfault location & service restoration
Substation Editor builds substation one-line diagrams
e-terradistributionfull application suite Persistencefor tagging, logging and permissions
 e‑terradistributionmodeler —feeder modeling and automatic schematic generation    e-terradistribution outage managementincreased situational awareness  GIS extract tools for efficient developing & updating IDMS models 
    e-terradistributionswitching ordersfast and accurate switching procedures  
    e-terradistribution network optimizerfault location & service restoration  
    e‑terrascada for large SCADA applications
Optimisation  Smart Grid    Training, Consulting & Support         Contracting 
e-terradistributionnetwork optimizerfault location & service restoration e‑terradistributionIntegrated Distribution Management System

e‑terrasimulator DOTdispatcher training based on real-time model

Designproject definition & design

e-terradistribution switching ordersplanned outage study


TrainingFunctional, System Operations, System Management, Modeling

Engineeringsolution from substation measurements through telecoms to the control centers

e-terradistibution network applicationsVolt-VAR


SupportMaximize system availability & long-term value

Site Developmentinstallation and commissioning



Users Groupsfor each region of the world 

Project management




System operationsoperations of the power system




Asset managementmanagement of all your physical assets