Whether you operate in a traditional non-deregulated environment, are a renewable energy provider, or an independent power producer e-terraplatform gives you the world-leading solution forSCADA/GMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition / Generation Management Systems). With e-terraplatform, you have the most reliable solution, ready to answer your unique requirements for generation fleet management, CO2-free generation, and energy efficiency in a smarter grids environment.  

Our GMS solution uses the same advanced optimization engines employed in many of the large electricity markets. Our Market Clearing Engine, for example, manages over 70% of the total installed capacity in the USA. The recent acquisition of UISOL, the developer of the leading Demand Response solution – DRBizNet – will considerably increase this footprint.

Timely and quality delivery, advanced IT integration capabilities, the cost effective Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) product range, and a strong support organization will give you an optimized total cost of ownership of the complete solution.

Our e-terraplatform responds to your needs for:

  • Supervisory control
  • Power balance monitoring and control
  • Management of renewables and distributed energy resources
  • Preparation and scheduling for look-ahead operations, with global optimization of multiple resource types
  • Asset management and equipment maintenance prioritization
  • Simulation of events and alternative operating procedures
  • Reporting for regulatory compliance and Energy Accounting

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Modeling Secure IT Integration Generation Fleet Operations
e-terrasource  modeling tool based on CIM standards e-terrahabitat – real-time middleware e-terraplatform – real-time control 
FG Builder  for the construction of operator displays e-terrabrowser – real-time User interface e-terrascada for large SCADA applications e-terracontrol for smaller SCADA
  e-terratrust – cyber security e-terracontrol  front-end and industrial SCADA
  Virtualization  cost effective servers deployment e-terracomm  communication gateway to ICCP, ELCOM
  Advanced Service Framework  SOA    e-terraarchive  historical information system & reports
    e-terra-renewablePortfolioManageroperation and KPIs of a renewable fleet 
    e-terraADPC  asset diagnostic & performance Center
    e-terraRTU600  remote terminal unit 
    MICOM C264  scalable RTU
Power Balance & Optimization  Training, Consulting, & Support  Contracting  
e-terrageneration Generation Management subsystem 
e-terrasimulator  operator training based on real-time model 

Design  project definition & design

e-terracommit  unit commitment & dispatch

Training – Functional, System Operations, System Management, Modeling

Engineeringsolution from substation measurements through telecoms to the control centers


Support – Maximize system availability & long-term value

Site development  installation and commissioning

e-terradisgen  renewable & distributed generation

Users Groups – for each region of the world

System operations – operations of the power system

e-terrarenewableplan – renewable schedules management