Regulated or deregulated, private or government-owned, as Transmission Operators you are facing a very complex environment no matter where you in the world you are. The development of Smart Grids and the integration of renewable and distributed energy sources, demand response, power electronics, and the increasingly interconnected national grids are transforming the way transmission grids are operated. You are still responsible for providing a secure and stable system, anticipating and planning for system expansion and the interconnection to new sources of energy, complying with environmental and industry regulation, and swiftly reacting to changes in the consumption patterns.

e-terraplatform is the Number 1 SCADA/EMS system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Energy Management Systems) in the world. e-terraplatform runs the systems in 10 out of 14 of the largest Power Grid Operators, 170 systems in USA, 70% of the Middle East Utilities, and 70% of Africa. With e-terraplatform, you have the most reliable solution, ready to meet your unique requirements for grid security and situation awareness, CO2-free generation, and energy efficiency in a smarter grids environment. The acquisition of Psymetrix and UISOL gives you additional tools for monitoring the grid’s reliability in real-time. Psymetrix is the developer of Phasorpoint — the leading WAMS (Wide-Area Monitoring Systems) and PMU (Phasor Measurement Unit) solution and UISOL is the developer of the leading Demand Response solution — DRBizNet.

The timely and quality delivery, advanced IT integration capabilities, cost effective Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) product range, and a strong support organization will give you an optimized total cost of ownership of the complete solution.

Our e-terraplatform responds to your needs for:

  • Supervisory control
  • Wide area network security monitoring
  • Power balance monitoring and control, including interfaces to electricity markets
  • Management of renewables and distributed energy resources
  • Preparation and scheduling for look-ahead operations, including assessment of grid security
  • Asset management and equipment maintenance prioritization
  • Simulation of events and alternative operating procedures
  • Reporting for regulatory compliance.

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Secure IT 


& Awareness

e-terrasource — modeling tool based on CIM standards

e-terrahabitat — real-time middleware

e-terraplatform — real-time control


e-terratransmission — model-based network analysis and optimization


FG Builder — for the construction of operator displays

e-terrabrowser — real-time User interface

e-terrascada for large SCADA applications

e-terracontrol for smaller SCADA and substations

e-terravision — complete situational awareness


e-terratrust — cyber security

e-terraarchive — historical information system & reports


e-terraphasorpoint real-time synchrophasor based measurement and monitoring

e‑terraphasoranalytics — offline engineering for synchrophasor measurements, SCADA/EMS data and power system simulations


Virtualization — cost effective servers deployment

e-terracomm — communication gateway to ICCP, ELCOM

e-terradisgen — renewable & distributed generation


Advanced Service Framework — SOA

e-terraRTU600 — remote terminal unit

e-terrarenewableplan — renewable schedules management



MICOM C264 — scalable RTU MICOM C264

e-terraassetcare — asset diagnostic & performance Center

Power Balance Training, Consulting & Support Contracting
e-terrageneration — generation management system e-terrasimulator — operator training based on real-time model Design — project definition & design
e-terracommit — unit commitment and dispatch Training — Functional, System Operations, System Management, Modeling Engineering — solution from substation measurements through telecoms to the control centers
e-terradisgen — renewable & distributed generation Support — Maximize system availability & long-term value Site Development — installation and commissioning
e‑terrarenewableplan — renewable schedules management Users Groups — for each region of the world Project management 
DRBiznet — demand response system   System operations — operations of the power system
    Asset management — management of all your physical assets