Oil and gas

In a world of volatile oil and gas prices, maintaining monitoring and controlling your liquid and gas products pipeline systems becomes even more imperative. Our e-terra range of products gives you a highly reliable platform and a suite of applications developed based on decades of experience. We can monitor and control crude oil, natural gas, multiphase fluid, and refined products.

ALSTOM Grid’s e-terra software responds to Oil & Gas network operators’ needs for:

  • Supervisory control
  • Assets security monitoring
  • Modelling and simulation tools for look ahead operations, hydraulic analysis
  • Shipper nominations,  deliveries and operations scheduling
  • Real time pipeline state estimation
  • Batch tracking and flow remote monitoring
  • Leak detection & location
  • Pig tracking
  • Invoicing solutions, accounting and transactions management
  • Storage management

For more information, please send an email to oilandgas@alstom.com

Modeling Secure IT Integration Pipeline Operations
e-terrasource — modeling tool based on CIM standards
e-terrahabitat — real-time middleware

e-terrapipeline  — Oil & Gas SCADA Management System

FG Builder — for the construction of operator displays

e-terrabrowser — real-time User interface

e-terrartu600 — remote terminal unit


e-terratrust — cyber security

MICOM C264 — scalable RTU


Virtualization — cost effective servers deployment



Advanced Service Framework — SOA


Pipeline Process Management 
Training, Consulting & Support 

e-terrapipeline — Oil & Gas Management System

Training — Functional, System Operations, System Management, Modeling

Engineering — solution from substation measurements through telecoms to the control centers


Support — Maximize system availability & long-term value

Site Development — installation and commissioning


Users Groups — for each region of the world