Gas-insulated substations (GIS)

We provide networks and industrials with state-of-the-art gas-insulated substations from 72,5kV to 800kV. 

Our offering features:

  • The most compact GIS range with optimized products at all voltage levels,
  • Reliable and available substations all along their life cycle, even during critical phases,
  • Fully eco-designed products and expertise in SF6 management,
  • Smart Grid Ready substations thanks to a leading position in digital solutions for protection & control, as well as for condition monitoring,
  • First class spring-mechanisms. 

Based on 45 years of field experience and an outsanding agility, we offer solutions to fulfil all kinds of customer needs: all single-line diagrams and arrangements and all applications ranging from power supply to industrial plants, to on&offshore platforms, to urban and underground substations, and to high voltage and UHV transmission substations.

There is no compromise on safety and stringent design rules are applied so as to ensure the safety of substation operators at all times.  Our safety rules deal with various aspects such as the partitioning, the accessibility of the devices and of critical information, visual checks with viewports. 

Compactness is a key feature and we have continuously reduced the dimensions of the GIS substations.  Since the beginning of the GIS industry in the 1960’s, dimensions have been divided by 5.  Compactness enables to reduce significantly the overall cost of projects by reducing the dimensions of the buildings, and making transport and erection easier and faster. 

Our substations do not just feature the best reliability, but the best availability records.  Availability is the result of an astute combination of factors: GIS design, spare parts management and MTTR, and continuity of service during the critical maintenance, repair and extension phases.  Alstom Grid GIS has developed solutions to keep the substation in service during those phases. 

Eco-design from the very first stages and expertise in SF6 management are hallmark of a technological pioneer to make sure natural resources are preserved and global warming is limited. 

Alstom has a track record of 20,000 GIS bays in 2500 substations in 100 countries.