Alstom’s reputation and integrity can only be built by continuously strengthening ethical rules and procedures. 

Our growth is underpinned and guided by our fundamental principles of integrity and transparency, applied scrupulously and without exception with regard to employees, shareholders, customers in the public and private sectors, suppliers, competitors and partners. Our Code of Ethics is essential and all employees, in their day-to-day work, need to share the same clear values and observe the same rules of personal and collective conduct that define Alstom as an ethical company.

The Alstom Integrity Programme encompasses all the rules, training programmes and procedures that make Alstom a company whose practices are among the most advanced in terms of ethics and compliance. It has been structured with considerable effort over recent years so that all can understand and be invested in the mission that is central to Alstom's policy.

"Through the Alstom Integrity Programme, I constantly strive to strengthen this approach and ensure that our values and rules are strictly applied, without exception. As guarantor, I count on each of our employees to be an example of irreproachable honesty under all circumstances."

Patrick Kron Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

A strong and permanent commitment to ethics.

The diffusion of the culture of ethics and compliance.

A living document which applies to every employee.

A broad offer of training sessions and resources for employees.

A reporting mechanism for any person in relationship with Alstom.

A third-party assurance of the effectiveness of the Integrity Programme

The promotion of the principles of ethics in business practices.

A sustainable ethical approach.