Infographic Ethics & Compliance

The diffusion of the culture of ethics and compliance

Because the Code of Ethics must be known and applied by all, in all circumstances, Alstom has developed a global organisation built on two specific internal networks, assuming the diffusion of the culture of ethics and compliance.

A number of years ago, Alstom created the Ethics & Compliance team, a structure that is responsible for promoting and applying the Code of Ethics within all of the Alstom's locations.

The team includes Ethics & Compliance Officers who report directly to the Chief Compliance Officer. A Legal and Compliance Officer is appointed in each Alstom' region. 

The Ethics & Compliance team is supported by a community of Ethics & Compliance Ambassadors. The E&C Ambassadors are all volunteers whose role is to disseminate Alstom's culture of integrity within the group through Ethics & Compliance Awareness sessions.

The E&C Ambassadors come mainly from the Legal, Finance and HR functions. They have direct contact with the Ethics & Compliance team that provides them with the support and tools necessary to achieve their mission. They are points of contact for any questions about Ethics & Compliance.

The Ethics & Compliance Ambassadors receive, for example, a monthly newsletter that outlines subjects related to ethics in business and that provides practical case studies along with recommendations on how to manage the ethical questions that were encountered.