Alstom has been helping the operators of gas-fired power plants to balance fluctuating fuel prices and availability with environmental concerns for more than 75 years

From gas turbines to turnkey power plants, Alstom provides the equipment and expertise power producers need to increase production, lower cost and minimise environmental impact. 

Why choose Alstom?

  • Performance: Lower generation costs, reduced emissions, and unmatched operational reliability and flexibility.
  • Experience: 200 turnkey gas power plants and 1,500 gas turbines
  • R&D: Continuous innovation proven under real world conditions at Alstom’s working power plant

Product highlights

GT13E2 gas turbine: With two new configurations and upgraded components, Alstom's best-in-its-class GT13E2 gas turbine is setting new standards for performance and versatility. With a record of over 10 million operational hours, the GT13E2 enables power producers to meet their higher efficiency, cost containment and lower emission needs.

KA13E2 power plant
 based on the high reliable conventional-class GT13E2 gas turbine offers high flexibility and availability.

GT24 and GT26 gas turbines:
 Unrivalled versatility, performance, flexibility and reliability for 60Hz and 50Hz applications

The KA24 power plant and KA26 power plant, based on the upgraded advanced-class GT24 and GT26 gas turbines, perfectly equipped to help you meet changing power needs.

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