Offering the broadest portfolio of renewable power generation solutions to address social and environmental challenges 

By 2020, half of all new power installations will be based on CO2-free generation.

With the broadest portfolio of renewable solutions in the industry backed by global project references and extensive investment in local capabilities, Alstom offers you reliable solutions for sustainable energy production.

Alstom understands that energy sustainability is one of our customers’ priorities. Committed to helping you meet this challenge, we ensure renewable energy solutions a major position in Alstom's power generation portfolio, whilst being dedicated to optimise reliability, flexibility and cost-efficiency of our clean technologies. Leveraging 100 years’ turbine heritage and EPC experience, we can provide you with tailored solutions, from single component to turnkey power plants, during the entire lifecycle of your assets.

Alstom is committed to providing a flexible portfolio of reliable, competitive technologies to capture the energy of the earth, wind, water and sun.

Having contributed to over 25% of the hydro installed base, leveraged its 30 years’ experience in wind to install the world’s largest offshore wind turbine off the Belgium coast and been providing innovative solar, tidal, geothermal and biomass power technologies, Alstom offers the most comprehensive range of renewable power generation solutions.

  • Our technology development is focussed on improving availability, increasing the efficiency of energy conversion, and lowering construction and maintenance costs.
  • Covering all stages of the plant lifecycle our research and development is aimed at creating innovative technologies that address the market needs for both current electricity production methods and new technologies that tap into new sources of energy.
  • Our integration and control solutions offer you the ability to manage renewables within a complex fleet.
  • Our global services network of local service centres allows us to offer a full range of O&M contracts, packages and services.

Hydropower solutions

Alstom hydro turbines and generators installed worldwide represent more than 25% of the total hydro power capacity today. We have the broadest range of hydro solutions and services: from water to wire, from individual equipment to complete turnkey solutions, for new plants and the installed base.


Wind power solutions

With 30 years of experience in wind power, Alstom provides global energy solutions, from developing, designing and setting up wind farms to supplying and maintaining wind turbines.

Wind power

Ocean energy

Ocean energy is a major growth area in renewable power, and we’re committed to developing it to the fullest. Alstom is the only company that offers proven products for both the tidal and offshore wind markets.

Ocean energy

Solar power solutions

Our technology can be adapted to work for all project types and sizes, including both hybrid power generation and all-solar power plants.

Solar power

Geothermal power solutions

Today, we’re at the cutting edge of geothermal innovation, with an extensive portfolio of proven technologies, plus the ability to create custom-made solutions for the most challenging geothermal applications.

Geothermal power

Biomass power solutions

We’re the market leader in dedicated biomass co-firing and installation. You can maximise the efficient use of biomass in power generation with our integrated solutions for biomass preparation.

Biomass power