Alstom in Poland

Alstom in Poland

Alstom employs 1,600 people in Poland. It has a state-of-the-art rolling stock factory in Chorzów and a Pendolino Service Center in Warsaw.

Alstom in Poland has been actively participating in the modernisation of the Polish transport sector. With the acquisition of Konstal, Poland’s oldest railway equipment manufacturer, Alstom has started the implementation of the largest ever modernisation programme. Adapting the factory to Alstom’s global manufacturing standards expanded its production capacity. Combined with production volume doubled with the use of high-end equipment, it means a rise in the plant efficiency by approximately 50%. At present, ALSTOM Konstal S.A. is just one of Alstom’s 32 rolling stock manufacturing plants, all of which supply products meeting the highest global safety standards. Today, Katowice site is Alstom's competence centre for metro and part of Alstom global Engineering Centre with growing engineering competencies.

Setting trends in innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies, Alstom places emphasis on development of human potential, manufacturing base modernisation, and the application of state-of-the-art solutions which are tailored to clients’ needs and which ensure their satisfaction.

President's Message

Welcome to Alstom in Poland

Alstom is a global specialist in the transport sector. We operate as a local organisation in Poland, supporting the Polish economy. The company is continuously growing and increasing its number of employees, who currently number over 1,500 people in Poland.

Alstom creates innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and products. This is achievable thanks to high-tech design and production facilities, extensive expertise, many years of international experience, and, most of all, the first-rate specialists it employs.

We are proud to be able to take part in infrastructure development projects and to deliver fast and comfortable Pendolino trains for the Polish railways. Alstom’s Polish factories manufacture rolling stock dedicated for export sales.

Alstom is a socially responsible partner on the Polish market. The company is receptive to its stakeholders’ needs, invests in staff training and development, cares for the environment, promotes ethical practices and supports local communities.

Lesław Kuzaj
Poland Country President


  • Warsaw trams
  • Citadis for Istanbul (Turkey):
    Delivery scope: 37 trams
    Delivery date: 2011


  • Metropolis for Dubai (UAE)
    Delivery scope: 50 five-car trainsets for EXPO 2020
    Delivery date: December 2019.
  • Metropolis for Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
    Delivery scope: 69  two-car trainsets for line 4 (yellow), 5 (green), 6 (purple)
    Delivery date: 2013-2018
  • Metropolis for Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    Delivery scope: 28 six-car trainsets for lines 5 & 6
    Delivery date: 2015
  • Metropolis for Budapest (Hungary)
    Delivery scope: 22 five-car trainsets for line 2 and 15 four-car trains for line 4
    Delivery date: 2013
  • Metropolis for Warsaw
    Delivery scope: 18 x 6-car train sets
    Delivery date:2005
    Metropolis delivered by Alstom for the first metro line in Warsaw, was provided to replace old car train sets manufactured in former Soviet Union.
    Metropolis for Warsaw is also the first metro train ever manufactured in our country.



  • Coradia regional trains for NS in the Netherlands
    Delivery scope: 79 trains
    Delivery date: October 2022
  • Coradia Lint for Deutsche Bahn and private operators in Germany
    Delivery scope: over 570 car body- shells painted and pre-fitted
    Delivery date: on-going

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility policy of Alstom in Poland (CSR) is a key element in all the company’s activities.

It is based on creating business strategy and acting on it while taking into account the expectations of stakeholders: employees, business partners, local communities and the environment.  

Alstom is focused on ensuring sustainable development by using innovative technologies, processes and tools. CSR in Alstom means dialogue and collaboration with stakeholders, as well as ethical and transparent operations. Caring for employees as well as limiting the impact on the environment are high priorities for Alstom in Poland.

Alstom in Poland signed the Corporate Social Responsibility Declaration prepared by the French Chamber of Commerce. In doing so, Alstom joined a group of companies with priorities focused on sustainable development, environmental protection and who promote and use good CSR practices.

Alstom is also a member of the Global Compact Network Poland.

Our History

1864: Today’s ALSTOM Konstal was founded at Królewska Huta as a plant manufacturing subassemblies for rolling stock. Production of wagons began during World War I, after the end of which the production of bridge and tramway structures was additionally established.

1947: The plant manufacturing subassemblies for rolling stock at Krolewska Huta started its activity under the name "Chorzowska Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Stalowych" (Chorzów Steel Structure Manufacturing Plant) and became the sole producer of tramways in Poland.

1997: Acquisition of Chorzowska Wytwórnia Konstrukcji Stalowych by Alstom (previously GEC Alsthom), presently the company operates as ALSTOM Konstal S.A.

1997-2010: Alstom Transport delivered trams for several Polish cities as well as wagons for the new Warsaw metro.

2011: Alstom signed a contract for delivery of 20 high speed trains for PKP Intercity to be the first such trains in Poland. These state-of-the-art and comfortable new-generation trains improve travel comfort for passengers. The service centre (depot) for these trains secured 17-year guarantee service and full servicing facilities for trains.

2013: Alstom sets a new high-speed record with its Pendolino in Poland reaching 293 km/h

2014: Pendolino high speed trains service centre constructed. Alstom’s Pendolino, the first high speed trains for Polish PKP Intercity entered into revenue service in December 2014.

Pendolino for PKP

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