GT13E2 gas turbine

Setting new class standards for versatility, reliability and performance 

Alstom’s GT13E2, already named the world’s most reliable heavy-duty gas turbine, is available in three configurations to allow power producers to select the gas turbine that best fits their changing needs. The three ratings, the GT13E2 2005, GT13E2 MXL2 and GT13E2 2012, have the versatility to fit every possible power plant configuration.

GT13E2 2005

The well-proven 2005 configuration GT13E2 delivers combined-cycle power of 517 MW at an efficiency rating of 53.8% and gas turbine power of 185 MW at 37.8 efficiency. With its 5-stage turbine, annular combustor technology and EV dry low NOx burners, the GT13E2 2005 configuration remains a compact, maintenance-friendly gas turbine for reliable long-term performance.

GT13E2 2012

The GT12E2 2012 configuration delivers up to 565 MW performance at 53.8% efficiency in combined-cycle use and 202 MW gas turbine performance at 38% efficiency. It features a new platform based on Alstom's GT26 compressor, and Advanced Environmental (AEV) burners to deliver reduced emissions and start-up times, superior turn-down capability and greater fuel flexibility. Most appropriate for cycling, seasonal load and peak load application, the 2012 configuration can deliver NOx emissions as low as 15 vppm.

GT13E2 MXL2 

Built on the same architecture as the proven GT13E2 2005 configuration but with enhanced components, the GT13E2 MXL2 offers improved combined-cycle power of 535 MW at 55.8% efficiency and gas turbine power of 188 MW at 38.6% efficiency. With significantly improved compressor, turbine and combustion components, the MXL2 configuration features Alstom's innovative online switchover, dual operating mode capability that can extend inspection intervals. The GT13E2 MXL2 is well-suited for baseload combined-cycle, aluminium smelters, and other industrial applications.

Why choose Alstom’s GT13E2 gas turbine?

  • Performance proven over more than 8.7 million fired hours
  • Recognized as the world’s most reliable heavy-duty gas turbine
  • Every major performance area recently upgraded
  • Flexible, switchable operational modes
  • Best-in-class Wobbe index and C2+ tolerance
Clean Power: GT13E2 gas turbine