Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG)

An essential solution to meeting  today’s ever-changing market conditions

As a world leader in providing Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) for combined-cycle power plants, Alstom helps power operators balance the difficult challenges of maximizing return and lowering output costs while reducing emission outputs.

Alstom HRSG solutions offer improved performance in cycling operations, outstanding construction cost effectiveness, and can improve the efficiency of all other operations.

Why choose Alstom HRSGs?

  • Alstom's unique Optimised for Cycling and Constructability(OCC™) design provides the unparalleled flexibility needed for reliable high-cycling duty
  • Capable of fast starts, high ramp rates and high turndown, resulting in enhanced flexibility under a wide range of operational scenarios
  • First to offer innovative single-row harp design which is proven to produce three times less stress than the industry-standard conventional multi-row harps
  • Can be configured and optimized for any type of gas turbine and steam cycle and are ideal for high-cycling plants experiencing daily starts and stops
  • Provides optimised hot and cold end performance for maximized efficiency and high thermal flexibility for fast start-up
  • A variety of modular options are available for the optimum solution to meet virtually any need

What we offer - When you install an Alstom HRSG you gain:

  • Improved performance in cycling operations
  • Outstanding cost effectiveness of construction
  • Improved efficiency of all other operations
  • A wide range of product design configurations
  • Optimized fabrication to suit any site conditions
  • A variety of emission controls and supplemental firing

Our track record

We've built HRSG plants for leading international power companies across the world including:

  • RWE AG (876 MW KA26 at Emsland, Germany )
  • NewGen Kwinana Power Station (320 MW KA13E2 at Perth, Australia)
  • Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity (2,000 MW KA26 at Fujairah, Abu Dhabi)
  • Hidrocantabrico (400 MW KA26 at Castejon, Spain)
  • Energia S.p.A (800 MW KA26 at Modugno, Italy)
  • Electrabel France S.A. (400 MW KA26 at Cycofos, France)
  • TransCanada Energy Ltd (700 MW CCPP at Halton Hills, Canada)