Gas power plants

Highly reliable, efficient, custom-tailored solutions

Building a gas-fired power plant or converting an existing plant to boost efficiency or accommodate new energy sources? Alstom can help. Leading power producers from around the world look to Alstom for simple-cycle and combined-cycle gas power plants, steam tails as well as co-generation, repowering and industrial solutions.

Alstom’s gas power plant solutions deliver outstanding flexibility, high plant efficiency at both full and part load, superior fuel gas adaptability and environmentally conscious operations – reliably.

Why choose Alstom gas power plants?

  • Widest range of solutions to meet your changing needs
  • Industry proven performance and availability
  • Unique Plant Integrator solution that helps you optimize your plant using net present value factors
  • Innovation backed by 1,500 power plant engineering, R&D professionals in nearly 90 countries