Arabelle™ steam turbines for nuclear power plants

The world’s most powerful and reliable steam turbine  

Arabelle™ steam turbines deliver power from 700MW to 1,900MW in both 50Hz and 60Hz cycles and can be adapted to any heat sink conditions with a choice of low pressure modules and types of last-stage blades.

More than a single product, Arabelle™ represents a comprehensive platform of solutions.

From its unique single-flow steam expansion design that improves efficiency to welded rotors and an independent LP exhaust design that lowers loads onto the foundation, Arabelle™ meets the expectations of the most demanding nuclear power producers.

Why choose Arabelle™ steam turbines?

  • An innovative architecture using fewer components, reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability (demonstrated 99.96% over 350,000 operating hours).
  • Unique combined High-Pressure/Intermediate-Pressure module for maximum efficiency
  • Arabelle™ offers a choice of 2, 3 or 4 easily-adjustable LP modules for improved vacuum fit with 3 different types of last stage blades
  • Newest Last Stage Blade 75’’ (LSB75) cuts exhaust losses by 20% and delivers 10MW additional output. Learn more about the LSB75 here
  • Fewer required inspections due to Alstom’s advanced welded rotor design that reduces stress corrosion cracking risk
Clean power: Arabelle