Turbogenerators for nuclear power plants

Reliable, high-performance turbogenerators from an industry leader

We offer a comprehensive range – from 340-2000 MW at either 50 Hz or 60 Hz – and the global experience needed to deliver a product that fits your exact needs.

As a worldwide leader in turbogenerator technology, we deliver durable, high-performance equipment that is also a good value for money.

We can handle projects of any size with our time-tested designs for nuclear power plants. We offer:

  • GIGATOP 2-pole – a powerful and reliable turbogenerator with capacities ranging from 400-1400 MW (50 Hz) or 340-1100 MW (60 Hz)

  • GIGATOP 4-pole – the world’s largest and most reliable hydrogen and water-cooled turbogenerator, with outputs ranging from 900-2000 MW at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz

Why choose Alstom turbogenerators for nuclear power plants?

Our extensive global experience allows us to deliver reliable projects and services that have been proven time and again in the field. And thanks to proprietary, cutting-edge technologies, we can provide the highest performance turbogenerators available.

Our track record

We are the world’s most experienced turbogenerator supplier for nuclear plants, with operational experience since the 1960s. About a third of today’s nuclear fleet is equipped with Alstom turbogenerators and we’ve supplied 18 new units in the last 3 years.