Wind power

Your partners in wind power solutions 

With 30 years of experience in wind power, Alstom provides global energy solutions, from developing, designing and setting up wind farms to supplying and maintaining wind turbines.  

We offer a new generation, high yield of onshore and offshore wind turbines with power ratings spanning up to 6 MW. Uncompromising on reliability and designed for ease of installation, the turbines lower the cost of energy.

By choosing Alstom you take advantage of :

  • an increased return on investment and maximised turbines’ yield with full lifecycle management
  • a global expertise: there are more than 2,600 Alstom wind turbines installed or under construction in more than 200 wind  farms, delivering nearly 5,000 MW
  • an optimised power output with our turbines’ cutting edge design features

We are committed to delivering wind energy solutions that enable economic growth while preserving the environment and protecting the world's natural resources, including:

  • Supply and installation of onshore wind turbines: reaching new heights of efficiency and reliability
  • Supply and installation of offshore wind turbines: designed for the industry’s most challenging environmental conditions
  • Wind services: a full range of operation and maintenance services
  • Technical assessment including wind farm design
  • Project authorisation including permit applications
  • Project financing  

Globally local

Our “globally local” strategy – combining global experience with local strong presence and expertise – prioritises production wherever the client is. This encourages local economic growth, creates new direct and indirect employment opportunities and introduces new regional expertise thanks to our cross-training experience.

Alstom is supported by a global sales organisation which gives a global reach and the ability to serve customers wherever the wind blows. Check out where our power generation activities are located worldwide.

Wind farms installed or under construction as of January 2014.

  • Argentina: 51 MW
  • Belgium: 6 MW*
  • Brazil: 1,734 MW
  • Ethiopia: 90 MW
  • Finland: 21 MW
  • France: 257 MW
  • Italy: 184 MW
  • Japan: 97 MW
  • Morocco: 102 MW
  • Netherlands: 2.7 MW**
  • Portugal: 107 MW
  • Spain: 1,794 MW
  • Turkey: 36 MW
  • UK: 258 MW
  • USA: 125 MW

* Haliade first offshore unit installation
** First ECO 122