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Alstom and ČEZ signed a contract to refurbish two boilers in the Počerady plant


A contract worth nearly 10 million1 Euros in Czech Republic

Alstom has been awarded a contract to refurbish two boilers, units K3 and K4, in the Počerady power plant with the purpose to reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOx) level in the flue gas to 200mg/Nm3, which is required to comply with the European Industrial Emissions Directive (applicable for all power sources producing more than 50MW).

“The Počerady contract demonstrates Alstom’s high level of technical expertise and the commitment to support our Customers in reducing their environmental footprint for power generation at limited costs”, comments Petr Brzezina, Alstom’s Country President in the Czech Republic.

The Počerady project is set-up as a turnkey refurbishment project. The modifications for the two 200 MWe pulverised lignite coal boilers include a significant adjustment and modernization of the combustion system to reduce the NOx that is formed during the combustion process and the addition of a Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) installation to further remove the nitrogen oxide from the flue gas. The project is scheduled to be completed early 2015, almost a year before the European directive will come into force.

(1) Ca. a quarter billion CZK

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