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Alstom will use Daido Metal’s state-of-the-art thrust bearing pads for hydro generating units


Alstom has signed an agreement with Daido Metal for the supply of advanced coatings for the thrust bearing pads used in hydroelectric plants. New coatings named under the Alstom trademark Polypad™ will increase bearing pad performance and durability. 

“Alstom has tested many materials and found nothing that matches Polypad™ in terms of strength and durability. Alstom has units with these pads running flawlessly for several years so the technology has been proven. Now is the right time to increase our commitment to this innovation” said added Maryse François-Xausa, Renewable Power R&D Senior Vice President at Alstom. Polypad™ is another example of Alstom offering its hydro customers the latest innovations the market has to offer.”

“This agreement with Alstom will let hydro customers all over the world benefit from Daido Metal’s state-of the art coatings,” said Seigo Hanji, Chairman and CEO of Daido Metal. This agreement is the latest step in a decade-long working relationship between Daido Metal and Alstom.”

Having equipped over a quarter of the total worldwide hydro fleet, Alstom is recognized as a leading supplier of power generation equipment for hydroelectric plants. This new innovation will allow its customers to benefit from decreased maintenance and increased reliability. 

Daido Metal, a specialist bearing company, produces a high performance and low wear material able to be used in both conventional and reversible hydro machines, such as those used in pumped storage plants. Their increased durability enables them to withstand more starts and stops, including hot starts, which are increasingly part of the rugged operating regime of today’s hydro plants. Daido Metal’s thrust bearing pads are known for their advanced coatings that last longer than the other composite pads that are currently available on the market. 

In addition to the superior durability, Polypad™ supports more weight than traditional thrust bearing pads. In retro-fit applications, the ability to support more weight means that they can accept upgraded higher power generators, which are typically heavier, without having to replace the original thrust bearing and make expensive civil works modifications.

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