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They move for industry in Rhône-Alpes


As part of Industry Week, the association ‘Elles bougent’ held a forum and round table on 21 March at the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. This was the opportunity for 150 secondary school students to meet the sponsors and HR representatives of a dozen companies in the automobile, rail, energy and aeronautics sectors.

As a partner since 2008 of the association ‘Elles bougent’, Alstom was present at this event. The girls were able to talk to eight women engineers sponsors of the association: five from Alstom Transport Villeurbanne and three from Grid Alstom Villeurbanne: Céline Cougneau, Nathalie Combe, Audrey Barmes-Kaupp, Mallory Mayer, Frédérique Colin, Amandine Spinosa, Camille Jossens and Celia Catalano.

The first part of the event was devoted to career testimonies and exchanges with the students. Then more informal meetings were held in the Corporate Area, where sponsors and HR representatives presented the specific métiers and activities of Alstom Transport and Grid.

The event continued in the evening with a lecture ‘Mixing careers in Rhône-Alpes’. The second part of the event was given over to policies of mixing and diversity within industrial companies and to the contribution made by networks of women in companies.

Created in 2005, the mission of the association ‘Elles bougent’ is to promote discovery of the fascinating engineering métiers and to generate interest in careers in all the industrial or technological sectors that lack female talent: automobile, rail, energy, aeronautics, shipping … Through open days, meetings held in schools and round tables, the association puts girls in contact with women engineers and technicians. ‘Elles Bougent’ today has a network of 900 sponsors (including 100 in the Alstom Group) and 60 partner companies.

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