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The Best European Welding Coordinator works for Alstom

Antonio Pezone, a 55-year-old Mechanical Engineer from Italy, welding coordinator of Alstom site in Savigliano, is the “Best European Welding Coordinator” for 2014.

The prize, organised by the European Welding Federation (EWF), the European body that manages the training and certification of welders working in all industrial sectors in 31 countries, has been awarded to Antonio during the annual meeting of the EWF held in Lisbon.

The candidature of Antonio, who has been working for Alstom since 1990 and holds an European welding engineer diploma, was put forward by the Italian National Institute of Welding on the basis of the numerous national and European qualifications and certifications he has obtained during his career in Alstom.

In addition to his managing role, Antonio Pezone is also the “trainer” of new welders at the “Ecole des métiers” of Savigliano, a truly craft school equipped with technologically advanced tools, including digital welding equipment, which also produced the reigning Italian welding champion Sergio Parisi.


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