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Alstom wins two contracts to renovate France’s hydroelectric power plants

Alstom has signed two major contracts with EDF to renovate the speed and voltage control systems in France’s hydroelectric power plants.

Those deals are part of a significant investment scheme launched by EDF’s Production and Hydraulic Engineering Division, which primarily involves modernising electrical control installations in hydroelectric power plants. The operation consists in replacing existing systems with Alstom-designed systems to control the hydraulic turbines and their related generators. In addition, the contracts include an MOC (Maintenance in Operational Conditions) section, thus further asserting Alstom’s positioning in high value-added services. Initial refurbishment works are due to start in early 2015.

In February 2013, EDF had published a call for tenders involving the renovation of speed control systems in 220 production arrays as part of the replacement of control systems, and further involving 355 production arrays as part of the renovation of voltage control systems.

The hydroelectric power plant renovation contracts were signed by EDF and the relevant Alstom entities, namely Alstom Hydro Services for speed control and Alstom Power Automation & Controls for voltage control.

“By winning this substantial market, Alstom is reasserting its leading position in the renovation of hydroelectric power plants and in related services aiming at maintaining them in operational condition,” said François Taveau, EDF Group Key Account Director for Alstom Power. “The Group has built a sound experience in the assessment, maintenance and refurbishment of power plants, and this contract will strengthen our positioning within the hydroelectric power plant market and that of rotary machine control systems in all types of power plants.”

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