Product Catalogue: CO2 capture systems (CCS)


Our attention focuses on three main categories of CO2 capture systems.

Our strategy has been developed through our belief that these technologies are not only the most economically viable and sustainable solutions for our customers, but also because they can be retrofitted to an existing installed base.

CO2 capture and utilization (CCU)

CO2 may be an unwelcome waste product in power generation, but it is a valuable chemical in some industrial processes. Alstom offers integrated CO2 Capture Systems that recycle and allow beneficial uses of waste CO2.

CO2 capture in oxy-combustion

Oxy-combustion consists of burning fossil fuel in a mixture of oxygen, produced in and Air Separation Unit (ASU) and re-circulated flue gas, resulting in a flue-gas rich in CO2 (free of nitrogen, contrary to conventional fossil-fuel power plants).

CO2 capture in post-combustion

Alstom is developing a portfolio of CO2 capture post-combustion technologies that will provide plant operators with the optimum CO2 capture solutions. Post-combustion capture can easily be retrofitted onto existing power plants.