Alstom’s GT13E2, already named the world’s most reliable heavy-duty gas turbine, is available in two configurations to allow power producers to select the gas turbine that best fits their changing needs

The two ratings, the GT13E2 2005 and GT13E2 2012, have the versatility to fit every possible power plant configuration. Due to upgrades to every major performance area, the GT13E2 is yet again setting higher performance standards.

Clean Power: GT13E2 gas turbine

Why choose Alstom’s GT13E2 gas turbine?

  • Performance proven over more than 10 million fired hours
  • Recognized as the world’s most reliable heavy-duty gas turbine
  • Every major performance area recently upgraded
  • Flexible, switchable operational modes
  • Best-in-class Wobbe index and C2+ tolerance

Operational versatility

The GT13E2 was the first gas turbine offering flexible switchable operation concept , which enables customers to operate either in performance optimised mode  with the industry standard intervals between the inspections, or  to operate in the maintenance cost optimised mode , where operation between inspections can be extended by up to 50%, thus reducing the maintenance costs. The latter is automatically applicable for part loads below 97% of the nominal load.

Gas fuel flexibility

The annular combustor, coupled with a very simple concept of the gas dynamically stabilised combustion with AEV/EV burners, enables very high fuel flexibility and best-in-class Wobbe Index and C2+ tolerance.

Fuel oil capability

Running on fuel oil is another well proven feature of the GT13E2. They can even handle fuel switchover at constant load to maintain availability.

High availability and reliability

The GT13E2 gas turbine, accumulating more than 10 million fired hours across an operating fleet of 150 units, has achieved a five-year availability, reliability and maintenance rating far exceeding class averages, with reliability reaching 99.1%.

Low emissions

As much as 40% lower emissions  across the entire load range and fuel types, reaching 15 vppm at 100% load on gas and 25 vppm on oil. At 50% load, emissions are 25 vppm on gas and 42 vppm on fuel oil.

Start-up times, ramp rates

The GT13E2 2012 configuration delivers reduced start-up times  of 25 minutes from start initiation and 15 minutes hot start-up, and turn-down capability down to 50%. It is suitable for cycling, seasonal loads and peakers.

Superior hot / cold performance

With the utilisation of a well-proven GT26 compressor, having three rows of variable guide vanes, part-load efficiency as well as performance at both cold and hot ambient conditions  has been further improved. The 2012 rating can deliver up to 16 MW gas turbine output at 45°C with greater than 80% efficiency and full-load range (50% – 100%) emissions compliant. This engine can start at -30°C without the need for air pre-heater and can operate down to -50°C with an air preheater.

The perfect balance of versatility, reliability and performance

The GT13E2 2012 configuration builds on proven experience to deliver a state-of-the-art conventional-class gas turbine that raises the bar once again. Alstom has improved every area of performance in the GT13E2 2012, reducing emissions, providing increased efficiency, reliability and power output and delivering expanded versatility.

With a 10% improvement in power output to over 200 MW performance, efficiency up to 38% in simple-cycle operations and greater reliability from an optimized, validated combustion system with fewer parts, Alstom's GT13E2 2012 is a best-in-class solution to help power producers maximize returns and meet changing market demands.

Why choose Alstom GT13E2 2012 gas turbine?

  • Up to 565 MW performance with 53.8% efficiency in combined-cycle use and 202 MW gas turbine performance with 38% efficiency
  • Reduced NOx emissions by up to 40% from Advanced Environmental (AEV) burner
  • Reduced start-up time
  • Superior turn-down capability
  • Extended inspection intervals from dual operation mode versatility
  • Outstanding fuel flexibility
  • Highest heavy duty gas turbine reliability, at above 99.1%

The well-proven 2005 configuration GT13E2 delivers combined-cycle power of 517 MW at an efficiency rating of 53.8% and gas turbine power of 185 MW at 37.8% efficiency.

With its 5-stage turbine, annular combustor technology and EV dry low NOx burners, the GT13E2 2005 rating remains a compact, maintenance-friendly gas turbine for reliable long-term performance.

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