Suited to all gas-fired power applications, Alstom advanced-class turbines combine efficiency, performance and operational flexibility into one competitive solution – the GT24 for 60 Hz markets and the GT26 for 50 Hz

Customers needing an extremely reliable gas turbine can count on the GT24/GT26 with its proven reliability and ability to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

With 6 million fired hours and 98,000 starts, the GT24/GT26 turbine has proven to be one of the most reliable gas turbine solutions on the market. 

Why choose Alstom GT24 and GT26 gas turbines?

  • Unique sequential combustion technology, annular combustors and patented welded rotor design deliver both high efficiency and lower emissions
  • Online switchable operating mode increases availability and lowers maintenance costs by lengthening inspection intervals
  • Wide load range efficiency with nearly constant levels from 100% to 80% and high efficiency below 80%
  • Superior fuel versatility
Clean Power: GT24/GT26 gas turbines

Leading technology drives higher performance and returns

Ensuring customers receive the most versatile, reliable and efficient power generation componentsto meet their changing market needs, Alstom's advanced-class GT24/GT26 gas turbines feature a number of leading-edge technology features.  From innovative sequential combustion design to long-proven welded rotors, the GT24/GT26 combines technology innovation with proven design to deliver a turbine that meets todays and tomorrow's needs.

Sequential combustion design

An Alstom alternative that solves an age-old challenge – how to increase efficiency without increasing environmental emissions.

Alstom has been developing and perfecting the sequential combustion technology. By injecting fuel into two combustion systems in series, it is possible to increase output and cycle efficiency without significantly increasing the emissions at full and part load, since the firing temperature in the first combustor can be kept relatively low, and the second combustor does not make a substantial contribution to the level of engine NOx emissions.

Industry-leading burners for efficiency and availability

Annular EV first stage and SEV second stage combustors distributes the hot gas, circumferentially, at a much more uniform temperature resulting in low NOx emissions. The EV and SEV require no parts replacement prior to HGPI (Hot Gas Path Inspection), C inspection. This mechanical simplicity determines the high reliability and availability of the GT24/GT26 design.

Welded rotors for lower maintenance

Alstom’s patented solid welded rotor minimises stress cracking and eliminates de-stacking, re-stacking and disk replacement during the rotor's life.

High Power Density

The sequential combustion concept results in a gas turbine with extremely high power density enabling the smaller blade dimensions of GT24/GT26 machines. The five rows of turbine blades are anchored in fir-tree slots. Air from the compressor cools the high-pressure turbine stage and the first three low-pressure turbine stages utilising a combination of film- and convection-cooling techniques.

GT24/GT26 gas turbine

GT24/GT26 gas turbine

A powerful combination of efficiency, performance and versatility

By offering an unequalled combination of performance and versatility, Alstom’s advanced-class GT24 and GT26 gas turbines enable power producers to meet their need for low-cost clean power today while preparing for dynamically changing energy needs in the future.

Already proven as one of the most reliable gas turbine solutions on the market, the GT24/GT26 delivers the versatility to meet changing requirements.

Why choose Alstom’s GT24/GT26 advanced-class gas turbines?

  • Unmatched operating flexibility, with online switchable operation mode.
  • Best in industry versatility to support a wide range of fuel variations
  • Flexibility to burn fuel oil in the event of fuel gas supply shortage
  • Availability, reliability and service factor performance that meet or exceed class averages
  • Best in class all-round efficiency
  • NOx emissions below 15 vppm at 15% O2
  • 30-minute hot start-up and  spinning reserve capability delivering 500 MW in just 10 minutes (KA24 2-on-1) and a 15-minute spinning reserve capability delivering 700 MW for a KA26-2
  • Can operate in ambient temperatures as high as 45 degrees C and low as -30 degrees C
Gas ClausC GT26 CCPP Netherlands

Gas North Bangkok 2 GT26 CCPP

Around the world, Alstom has been delivering the innovative gas power plants and versatile component technology customers need to maximise the return on their investments

Listen to what our customers in Spain have to say about their first-hand experience of the latest GT26 gas turbine.

For years, Alstom has developed a strong working relationship with EquiPower. Chris Curtis, Plant Manager EquiPower, is talking about his experience with the GT24.

Real world testing ensures customers get maximum return

The GT24/GT26’s outstanding performance has been tested at Alstom's full-scale power plant in Birr, Switzerland under actual operating conditions as well as at a customer’s KA26 power plants in Spain.  The result is an efficient validation process conducted under real-world conditions.

Because the Birr facility is owned and operated by Alstom, there are no restrictions on testing (loads, limits or duration). As a result, Alstom’s can quickly leverage test results into its upgrades to the gas turbine fleet.

GT24/GT26 gas turbine

Why does Alstom’s GT24/GT26 validation process benefit you?

  • Ability to validate under real load conditions is more accurate
  • More than 4,000 instruments ensure maximum engine performance monitoring
  • More than 8,000 hours validation done on site

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