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CLever is a new cantilever originally developed for 25 kV railway electrification. Designed by Alstom in the centre of excellence for electrification components based in Lecco (Italy), CLever benefits from Alstom’s experience in the fields of electrification systems and components.

CLever is an innovative cantilever for rail transport offering high adjustability, easy installation and maintenance. This solution delivers reliable performance for speeds up to 300 km/h. It has been homologated by Network Rail in the UK. CLever is available for both 25 kV and 3 kV rail transport networks.

High adjustability

CLever allows for high adjustability, both horizontally and vertically, addressing a large number of configurations with the reduced number of parts.

Reduced weight

The tube and main parts are made of aluminum alloy, seamless and with a cross section designed to reduce the weight and increase the mechanical strength.

Easy installation

The reduced number of connections allows for easy and quick installation. It reduces installation and regulation time by 40%. CLever also offers reduced encumbrance for use at bridge approach spans. 

Improved maintenance

The reduced number and interchangeability of the parts lead to significantly easier maintenance and reduced material stockholdings.

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