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Main line integrated solutions

From trains to signalling, through to infrastructure and services, Alstom has been offering full integrated solutions to its customers for 25 years.

Alstom offers unequalled expertise in each sector of the rail transport industry (rolling stock, signalling, infrastructure, services etc.) and an international track record of achievement.  Alstom’s integrated solutions combine all the company’s competencies into a single optimised solution to meet its customers’ objectives.

Guaranteeing costs, delivery times and performance

Operators can be seeking to outsource all the technical phases of a project, from studies to entry into service, and sometimes beyond.

Alstom’s global and integrated solutions, known as “turnkey”, guarantee optimised costs, reduced delivery times and an optimum performance level for all equipment.

Global know-how

Today, Alstom is the only manufacturer to master all the activities of a rail system (infrastructure, track laying, electrification, electric and mechanical equipment, rolling stock, signalling, depots, maintenance…) for (very) high-speed lines.

A customised system

The cross-disciplinary return on experience of Alstom engineering teams in project management, interface management, integration, risk management and R/A/M/S* studies guarantees a global vision of the project and permits optimised solutions that provide the best answer to operators’ needs.

* Reliability/Availability/Maintenance/Safety

Numerous customers across the globe

Alstom has solid references in this area, having delivered, for example, the first very high-speed turnkey system in Korea, with the KTX.

Turnkey systems, combining all Alstom’s know-how

  • A controlled budget and guaranteed financing
  • A transverse mastery of complex and integrated systems
  • On time project development and delivery
  • Innovative products and processes that respect the environment at all levels
  • The guarantee of sustainable global performance