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Atlas, ERTMS signalling solution

Alstom, which played a major role in defining the ERTMS and ETCS standards, offers Atlas, a dedicated system fully compliant with these standards to meet customer operational needs.

Interoperability – a strategic challenge in rail transport

The European ETCS* / ERTMS** standard for rail interoperability has several objectives: facilitate border crossings, open up the rail signalling market, increase commercial speeds, reduce intervals between two trains, decrease maintenance costs and guaranteeing maximum safety.

Atlas is a complete, configurable range of signalling products which meet all the requirements of operators.

  • Atlas 100 is wholly compatible with existing signalling systems.
  • Atlas 200 is the first solution based on GSM-R installed on all types of lines – from very high-speed, mixed traffic to freight.  In addition to enabling the interval between trains and the journey time to be reduced, the Atlas 200 solution can also be installed in short timeframe and gives a better level of service quality with a higher availability rate.

* European Train Control System
** European Rail Traffic Management System 

Interoperability redesigned to meet all needs

Based on its 10 years of expertise, Alstom has designed two new solutions:  Atlas 400 and Atlas 500.

  • Atlas 400 is adapted to low-density routes and allows a reduction in the amount of trackside equipment.
  • Atlas 500 is adapted to high-density suburban and regional lines and offers improved performance and greater capacity.

State-of-the-art expertise

In order to best meet the needs of customers and passengers, Alstom works in partnership with UNISIG, UNIFE, ERA, UIC***, and the European Community as well as with train operators and infrastructure managers.

In Europe, Alstom has delivered a third of all ERTMS infrastructure projects. Alstom is therefore the world’s number 1 for onboard signalling equipment.

*** UNISIG: Union Industry of Signalling – UNIFE: Union of European Railway Industries – ERA: European Rail Agency – UIC: International Union of Railways

Atlas: a comprehensive and integrated solution

This complete solution integrates all network data to adapt the speed and distance between trains, even when the train crosses a border.

Onboard equipment (ATO - automatic train control) is connected to an integrated control centre (Iconis) which constantly exchanges data with the network’s trackside equipment (via Smartway track products) and interlocking systems (via the Smartlock system).

ERTMS signalling solutions - Atlas 400 and Atlas 500