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Iconis integrated control centre

Alstom’s Iconis control centre monitors and controls all aspects of the transport system. There are urban, main line and freight versions of Iconis.

Modular and scalable, Iconis integrates automatic train supervision (ATS), infrastructure management (SCADA), infotainment (passenger information) and the security of passengers and premises as well as any other functionality needed for service operation.

A modular approach

Each module of the Iconis system (train monitoring and control, infrastructure monitoring, infotainment, security, etc.) can function independently. The system can then evolve in size or functionality.

Management/optimisation of traffic

Each Iconis system is customised to supply the management and optimisation strategies adapted to operational procedures and present the information which is most important and specific to a customer’s network.

A fully customisable display of objects and diagrams delivers all the necessary data to controllers for traffic management.

Automatic operations

The Iconis automatic control system guarantees train adherence to schedules, route automatic setting and resource usage in a conflict-free way. Iconis enables traffic management and fixed equipment to be automated according to the time period and calendar.

Improved network capacity

Iconis detects potential traffic conflicts as soon as they arise and offers operators resolution options, minimising delays. It has allowed a 15% increase in network capacity in the Bologna area, Italy.

Optimal incident management

With Iconis, controllers can pinpoint a problem, monitor events and refer back to incident data recorded stage-by-stage to determine best practices. Iconis archives all incidents, allowing a better return on investment.

Iconis can also automatically manage emergency procedures and provide operational support in the event of an incident.

Scalable and configurable

Iconis can be adapted to network size and complexity. It can adopt different forms: a simple autonomous post for an independent station, or several hundred interconnected servers and workstations to manage an entire network.

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