Pegasus 101, improving the safety of on-sight driving in Rouen. Copyright: Alstom Transport / TOMA - V.Baillais.

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Pegasus 101

Tramway lines have to be operated in on-sight driving with a high flexibility but without compromising safety. Several reasons may require an automatic tramway protection (ATP) system to enforce speed limits or line side signals, allowing high traffic levels and improvement in the management of driver’s behaviour. 

Ensure vital functions

Pegasus 101 strongly improves the safety of operation, notably on lines containing high-risk areas such as tunnels, single track sections, curves or slopes, and for the higher speed of tram-trains.

A proven system

With more than 500 trams equipped, Pegasus 101 is a service proven ATP system allowing operators to keep the traffic safe on their city network.

Simple installation

This compact system is very easy to install on top of existing or new interlocking systems. It requires very little equipment and simple interfaces with the wayside and on-board equipment. It is already in operation in Brussels, Marseille, Rouen and Constantine.

Modular and scalable solution

Pegasus 101 performs basic functions such as continuous over-speed control or train stop. Thanks to its modular architecture, Pegasus 101 can add other functions for specific safety or operation needs such as doors management or the assistance to tram regulation.

An economical investment

The easy-to-maintain Pegasus 101 ensures cost-effective operation by reducing the number of incidents. Thanks to an unchanged nominal driving mode, the drivers’ training is simplified. Based on standard products, this system could be configured and deployed by a third party with only light engineering.

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