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Drawing on its know-how of all activities of the rail sector, Alstom proposes an advanced security and surveillance system that is modular, easy to integrate and operates around the clock, guaranteeing passenger security.

A focused response

Alstom has the technology and expertise to capture risk-related data in all rail contexts (trains, stations, track and tunnels, depots and control centres). Alstom’s extensive engineering and security consulting services, in collaboration with local suppliers, can assist you in your security project.

An integrated security system

The system is run by an integrated security centre, itself part of the wider architecture of the information and rail communication system. It covers all rail environments: stations, track, tunnels, signalling equipment, trains, depots and control centres. Alstom’s solution ensures seamless integration between onboard and wayside subsystems (CCTV*, PA**, PIS***) allowing total security control from an Integrated Control Centre.

*Closed circuit television - **Public Address - ***Passenger Information System

Greater responsiveness

The system keeps the network under global surveillance (via CCTV, controlled access, intrusion detection and smoke/fire detectors), and provides an instant and appropriate response (passenger information, public announcements, emergency calls, interventions).

A modular solution…

The system is modular and upgradeable, offering customers multiple options: operators may choose to equip a single environment and equip others later. Migration or evolution to a totally integrated solution is always possible. The system is scalable and configurable to an expanding rail network.

… tailored to your needs

Alstom proposes modular security system architecture that can be tailored to any train, station, control centre or depot (new build or renovation).