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Urbalis 400

Widely proven and constantly upgraded, Urbalis 400 represents the ideal CBTC solution for urban transit operators aiming to maximise performance and capacity and who require traditional interlocking systems for operational needs.

The Urbalis solution has been in service for 15 years on around 80 metro lines throughout the world.

Traffic optimisation

Radio communication based train control (CBTC) is the latest generation of signalling technology for metro and suburban rail networks. It controls precisely the movement of trains, allowing more to run on the line at higher frequencies and speeds in total safety—with or without drivers.

High performance

The system works with the “moving block”* principle to ensure operating headways as short as 80 seconds between two trains in order to achieve maximum line capacity. Due to its high level of availability, it is also suitable for heavy metro applications.

*The “moving block” principle enables trains to run closer together when their speed decreases, leading to a greater number of trains per hour.

Proven technology

1,250 km of metro lines have been equipped by Alstom, representing more than 25% of radio CBTC solutions deployed worldwide. Additionally, Urbalis can interface with all types and suppliers of rolling stock to reach best ATO (automatic train operation) performances in terms of control and stopping precision.

Energy saving

The most economic speed in terms of saving energy calculated according to each operational context (peak / off peak). The system will make maximum use of train coasting to save energy by up to 30% when there are not enough trains on the line for optimum regenerative braking.

Reduced lead times

Urbalis reduces lead times (less than two years), enabling operators to maximise their revenue while respecting deadlines in order to meet particular needs.

Urbalis range