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AGV very high-speed train

The AGV is the first very high-speed train of the Avelia range to be entirely designed for an international market while fully taking into account environmental concerns. It can be operated at speeds of up to 360 km/h in total safety.

The AGV is the most economic very high-speed train on the market in terms of energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Revolutionising very high-speed rail

The AGV combines the well-established design philosophy of the TGV* and 30 years of technological expertise in very high-speed rail with ground-breaking innovation: articulated trainsets, distributed power, permanent magnet motors, electrodynamic braking with energy recovery…

*TGV is an SNCF trademark

Interoperability from the outset

Developed for seamless international operations at very high speed, the AGV has been designed from the start for full compliance with TSI*.

* Technical Specifications for Interoperability

The flexibility to meet your service needs

The AGV is offered in trainset configurations of 7, 8, 10, 11 and 14 cars. Up to 3 seven-car (or 2 eleven-car) AGV trainsets may be operated in multiple units.

Tube design for flexible interior design

The AGV is designed like a hollow tube that operators can fit out as they see best according to their business model. Thanks to this design, operators can easily re-configure interiors and seat pitches during the train's lifetime.

Putting passengers first

AGV has wide cars and the largest windows on the VHS market. Special care has been taken to keep noise to a minimum. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system is designed to offer the best climatic comfort. AGV is fully compliant with TSI for people with reduced mobility.


The AGV is designed to deliver the multimedia and connectivity services passengers expect in the 21st century. A wide range of optional equipment for passenger information and entertainment services is offered including Wifi, onboard Internet and a cinema car.

Designed for safety

The proven articulated trainset architecture creates a semi-rigid link between cars. In addition to providing superior dynamic comfort, this full-train architecture minimises the risk of the trainset breaking up or the cars piling up in the event of a derailment.

Moreover, the kinetic energy absorption unit installed in the AGV nose provides the highest levels of protection in a collision.

Reducing the cost of ownership

Solidly dependable, the AGV delivers life-long superior performance while assuring lower train ownership costs from initial investment through operating and maintenance (-10% vs the competition).

Respect for the environment

The AGV's energy consumption is 20% lower than the competition thanks to its light weight, reduced number of bogies and permanent magnet motors. The end-of-life recyclability of the materials used in an AGV is more than 90%. Finally, thanks to the AGV’s aerodynamic design and reduced number of bogies, levels of noise pollution are also limited.

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