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Metropolis metro

Metropolis can carry up to 100,000 passengers per hour and per direction while meeting the daily expectations of operators in terms of performance, flexibility and availability.

More than 55 customers worldwide have opted for Alstom’s metros, and about 5,000 Metropolis cars are in daily operation.


The use of advanced technology optimises the performance of the traction, bogie and braking systems as well as the door opening mechanism, while reducing the energy consumption of the train.


To match every type of requirement, the length and width of the train sets, number of cars and interior layouts are modular, while the design can be personalised.

Metropolis offers genuine scope for customisation in terms of equipment, dimensions, and interior and exterior design, while meeting the main objectives of operators.


Metropolis is developed from standard, proven and modular components. Outstanding communication systems facilitate maintenance and optimise safety.

Passenger comfort

Wide doors and corridors, acoustic comfort, reduced vibration, ambiance lighting, attractive materials, thermal comfort, real-time passenger information and entertainment… All these elements, standard or optional, have been rigorously studied to enhance passenger comfort.

An eco-designed train

Benefiting from Alstom’s know-how in the field of eco-design, Metropolis reaches high-ranking performances in terms of:

  • Energy consumption (weight reduction, traction optimisation, energy recuperation)
  • Environmental integration (limited noise and vibrations)
  • Lifecycle costs (reduced maintenance)
  • Recyclability rate of up to 98% 

Metros on viaduct

Alstom provides elegant and quick-to-build metros on viaducts for cities with high population densities.

Metropolis brings real added value to the market

  • Proven standardised components
  • Higher capacity (up to 100,000 passengers per hour and per direction)
  • Onboard comfort and quality (passenger information systems etc.)
  • Predictive maintenance tools making maintenance easier
  • A customised design for each city
  • Optimised cabin ergonomics
  • Choice between automated driving mode and driver mode 

Alstom Metropolis

Amsterdam metro