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Prima multi-purpose locomotive

The Prima M4 locomotive is designed for long distance and corridor traffic. It offers tailored solutions to meet freight needs and varied configurations for passenger transport.

Versatile and cross-border locomotives

The Prima M4 electric locomotive offers flexible platform with modular architecture to meet each operator’s needs: freight (maximum speed 120 to 140 km/h), passenger (maximum speed of 200 km/h) and mix versions.

A high level of interoperability

Conforming to interoperability technical specifications, Prima M4 easily crosses borders and can travel over all European corridors. It is compatible with four different electricity voltages (25 kV, 15 kV, 3,000 V and 1,500 V) and can adapt to prevailing safety standards in the countries where it operates.

Flexibility guaranteed

Thanks to its modular design, Prima M4 can be reconfigured at any point of its lifecycle (transforming a freight locomotive into a passenger locomotive by replacing the bogies, changing the interoperability system, adding comfort options for the driver: air conditioning, toilets, bed, refrigerator…).

Easier maintenance

The maintenance of Prima M4 throughout its lifecycle is facilitated by their modular and standardised architecture. Designed for service ability, principles have been applied to provide easier access to key parts and systems which facilitate maintenance. Alstom’s TrainTracer solution for preventive maintenance solution increases train availability and reduces maintenance costs.

Comfort and safety

The driver’s cab offers optimum working conditions, including a generous living space and ergonomic instrument panel, and is protected by an anti-crash module designed to ensure optimal protection for the driver.

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