Product Catalogue: Urban rolling stock


Through a tried and tested industrial strategy, the use of standardised components and particular attention to design, Alstom offers tramstram-trainsmetros and suburban trains uniting technology, reliability, aesthetics and comfort. Alstom has also developed a 100%-electric mobility solution called Aptis that offers all the advantages of the tram in a bus. 

The modularity of the urban range of Aptis, CitadisCitadis DualisMetropolis and X'Trapolis offers true freedom and personalisation to operators.

Aptis, a new mobility experience

Aptis is a new 100%-electric mobility solution that offers all the advantages of the tram in a bus. Designed to ensure a clean and efficient transport system for cities, Aptis offers a new passenger experience with its low floor and 20% more glass surfaces.

Citadis tramway

Citadis tramways are suited to all urban environments, meeting the different expectations of passengers and cities, whether the requirement is for a new tramway network or the modernisation of existing networks.

Translohr tramway on tyres

Translohr tramways on tyres combine the advantages of a guided system with those of a tyre-based vehicle. Thanks to their strong insertion and gradient performance, they are particularly adapted for cities with a specific topography.

Metropolis metro

Metropolis can carry up to 100,000 passengers per hour and per direction while meeting the daily expectations of operators in terms of performance, flexibility and availability. More than 50 customers worldwide have opted for Alstom’s metros, and over 4,000 Metropolis cars are in daily operation. 

Citadis Dualis tram-train

With the tram-train, Alstom proposes an alternative means of transport, allowing seamless daily journeys between the city centre and outlying suburban zones.

Citadis Spirit light rail vehicle

Rapidly expanding cities across North America are searching for flexible solutions to meet their evolving mobility needs. In response, Alstom has designed Citadis Spirit, a light rail vehicle for the North American market.

X'Trapolis suburban train

Alstom's X'Trapolis high-capacity trains are designed to transport users to and from suburban centres.