Customer relationships

Alstom pursues long-term partnerships with its customers based on trust and proximity in order to:

  • understand their challenges and expectations;
  • commit and deliver on promises and seek their feedback proactively through regular surveys and related improvement action plans;
  • build a stronger relationship with them through regular events, technical meetings with groups of customers, “customer clubs” around a product, etc.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Alstom executes most of its contracts as projects in the field, installing and commissioning products and systems and integrating or maintaining them within complete transport systems.  At any one time there are some 450 of these projects in execution for contracts, about 300 with a value over 15M€. To monitor the satisfaction of our customers on these projects, we undertake Project Surveys for about half of these 300 contracts. All projects where satisfaction level is below 8.0 over 10 are subject to project-specific action plans and feedback loops with customers. Average satisfaction indicator rose from 7.8 in 2014 to 8.0 in 2015.

Customer clubs

Since 2013, five “Customer clubs” addressing Metro, Pendolino and Tramway systems have gathered 146 delegates from 63 companies..

Customer Clubs are worldwide forums for customers to share their professional know-how and views with their peers and with Alstom experts.

Customer Clubs for each system type are run every 12 to 24 months jointly between Alstom and one Club member. It is an opportunity for Alstom to listen to what its customers have to say about their business challenges and their specific needs and to present recent solutions in a customer environment. It also reinforces the customer intimacy beyond the contractual relationship.

In 2015, the second session of the Pendolino Club took place in Manchester. In 2016, the third meeting of the Metro Club will take place in autumn.