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Coradia iLint regional train

Coradia iLint is an advanced full emission-free train solution for passenger rail transportation. It is based on Alstom’s successful Coradia Lint regional platform. The traction system of Coradia iLint is using fuel cells which produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen to water.

A full emission-free train

Alstom offers a unique and sustainable alternative to non-electrified network operators: the emission-free regional train Coradia iLint. Alstom is the first rail manufacturer worldwide to develop a lowfloor passenger train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

A combination of innovations

Coradia iLint is special for its combination of different innovative elements: a clean energy conversion, a flexible energy storage and smart management of the traction power and remaining energy. The principle relies on a fuel cell which produces the electric power. The fuel cell is supplied with hydrogen on demand. Coradia iLint is developed in partnership with renowned German and Canadian companies boasting many years of experience in the fields of hydrogen energy and batteries.

Equal performances

Coradia iLint is based on the service proven of the diesel train Coradia Lint. Replacing the diesel traction by the fuel cell technology enables sustainable train operation while its performance matches that of regular regional trains. It can run at 140 km/h, with a 600 to 800 km/tankful autonomy, and accommodate up to 300 passengers.

A global approach

Alstom provides a complete offer consisting of the train itself, its maintenance but also the whole hydrogen infrastructure out of one hand. This comprehensive solution allows operators to better focus on their core business.

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Coradia iLint

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