Trains Maintenance

Guaranteeing efficient and available fleets every day

The challenge  

For an operator, guaranteeing a satisfactory level of reliability and availability for rolling stock is indispensable for fleet profitability. At the same time they also have to balance various operational, financial and technical constraints to ensure this profitability.

Therefore, it may be in the operator’s interest to delegate maintenance partially or entirely so as to concentrate on their core business. 

The Alstom solution  

Alstom’s experience as a builder, enriched by two decades of maintenance know-how acquired alongside operators, has given it the capacity to work on any type of rolling stock.

Whatever the requirements and the equipment, Alstom provides a customised service based on 3 fundamentals: competent and available local teams, innovative predictive maintenance tools, and worldwide experience of rail technology.

Alstom maintenance, a long-term partnership based on efficient and flexible solutions 

To provide the best answer to each customer’s needs, three maintenance programmes exist:

  • The franchise, Alstom directs the maintenance operations, working closely with the operator’s team, delivering spare parts and offering them its expertise, advice, training and process optimisation methods,
  • The technical maintenance, a dedicated Alstom maintenance team is made available to the customer,
  • The total maintenance, operations are conducted in the same way as for a turnkey project.

The guarantee of an optimum level of availability and performance at a controlled price

 Alstom Transport’s experience enables it to intervene anywhere in the world on any type of equipment (a quarter of maintained stock is not Alstom-built ), whatever the requirements, while controlling costs.