Lifetime extension for trains

Although the life of a fleet is generally more than 30 years, trains in mid-life often have to be renovated to meet new customer expectations, new regulations and sustainability policy or tackle rising operating and maintenance costs as trains get older.

For example, the modernisation of the Mexico metro’s traction system improved reliability and availability by a factor of 10 and was a source of energy savings (up to 35%).

Generally speaking, a complete modernisation of a train could lengthen its life by more than 15 years.

Through its centres of excellence throughout the world, Alstom offers modernisation solutions that address all phases of a train’s lifecycle, increasing their performances and their lifetime:

  • Energy consumption:  solutions to support energy-efficient train driving
  • Traction: choice of possible configurations: DC-DC, DC-AC, or AC-AC
  • Bogie: modernisation of entire bogies or components
  • Train control: replacement or system installation
  • Signalling: modernisation or installation and commissioning of on-board solutions (ERTMS, CBTC, conventional signalling systems)
  • Passenger experience: modernisation of the design, interiors and passenger information system
  • Accessibility: compliance of exits, interiors and adapted passenger information (audio, video)
  • Diesel and hybrid: modernisation or conversion of diesel locomotives into hybrid locomotives (diesel and battery traction )

Infrastructure and signalling modernisation

Taking advantage of its comprehensive knowledge of the rail industry, Alstom also offers modernisation solutions for infrastructure or signalling.